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  1. Az are in no position to turn business away so expect they'll be working to 100% capacity - to max cashflow - worry about cutting guests later, so it's a good question. I'd want to know the criteria for selecting who they keep and who to ditch ! Maybe it'll be around FCC v cash, loyalty points, geographics, demographics .....Or perhaps they'll have an open action ?
  2. Protocals make cruise ships more akin to floating prisons. Keep your distance, mandatory masks, multiple pre-checks, daily temp checks, no associating with locals, with underlying risk of solitary confinement. Sounds horrendous.
  3. 89 days since our claim went in. Every chaser and enquiry met with silence. At first, it was the delay that bothered us but now it's the feeling Azamara are simply treating us with contempt.
  4. And herein lies the problem for Azamara. History has shown time and again that brands which treat their customers well and show corporate confidence during a crisis come out the other end stronger. Those that don't suffer the consequences. We saw that in 2008 and back in '87 when those that continued to live up to their values (or attempted at least) grew their share and retained loyalty. The lack of even basic communication around refunds suggests Azamara's management just see this as an operational / cash flow challenge and a minor inconvenience to customers. I find that baffling.
  5. Been patiently waiting since 13 March (66 days) for Azamara to contribute (up to) $500 pp towards flight costs to get ourselves home after Quest dropped us off in Muscat instead of Dubai. Have chased, but it's a comms black hole. Also, travel insurer won't process our claim until we get an email from Azamara confirming we'll be getting no part refund. (Az were generous with the FCC instead). Given priority of refunds and general mess, starting to think we'll never see either of these no matter what we try..
  6. Cruise lines have little control over date of resumption. Opening up of borders/ports and development of medication that reduces mortality will determine how quickly things get moving again. Then there's the separate question of viability and how confident folk will be to get on a ship.
  7. That is very naughty. There should be regulations that dictate refunds be paid in chronological order. We had a little situation in the UK a few years back with a FOREX firm called Crown Currency Exchange (shudder). Some UK posters might remember them. Anyway, when they ran into financial difficulties they selectively chose who to refund and who to delay. Turned out, those that got there money back lived closest to their offices in Cornwall, we suspect in an effort to stop the locals arriving with pitch forks. No relevance to Az situation, I'm sure, but they should be dealing with refunds is proper order.
  8. Cannot see any travel insurance policy covering COVID 19 for bookings made after March 2020. The risks of falling ill, perhaps requiring hospitalisation & ICU and being prohibited from flying home is uninsurable. Until a vaccine is found, I see this as the biggest problem for the travel/cruise industry. Cost of self-funding care abroad could wipe you out.
  9. Wouldn't want to be someone who blagged their way onto a cruise, only for it to be quarantined and they subsequently find out that you've been to China / HK or Macau within 15 days of boarding ! Be a bad decision.
  10. Cruiser6270


    Wow, long way to go to get rejected. Also means everyone who has had any interaction with that person needs to go through "extra screening" - if they're even aware they came via HK !! And are Azamara even in a position to detect the virus at the earliest stages ? What a mess.
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