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  1. Totally agree. It's almost as if the FCDO and Government don't understand themselves. The focus on "cruises from England" misses the bigger benefit to UK citizens who want to take international cruises. Main thing the FCDO advice has GONE and travel insurers can't use this as a reason to invalid cover any longer. Best to just call your insurer to confirm they understand that as well 😀
  2. I agreed. This kind of lazy or uninformed reporting isn't helpful. FCDO advice applies to all UK citizens, revalidates most travel insurance and opens up world cruising (subject to country restrictions). .
  3. Great news, which revalidates most travel insurance cover for int cruises. Not helpful that some news commentators are interpreting this change as only applying to cruises originating from England, going to foreign ports and returning to England !
  4. FCDO advice applies to the whole of the UK. Scotland does not have its own equivalent of the FCDO - so insurance should now be valid for int cruises wherever you live in the UK.
  5. That's good. So, you have written confirmation they will NOT insure you and now being asked to rely on an agent's word (and their recording) that a "note" has been placed on your file saying that you ARE covered. Under those circs, might want to think about getting that in writing.
  6. Frightening that we've been told the opposite from same company. In fact, it's scandalous. Think, I'll press for the written confirmation now and see what happens 🙂
  7. No, they've added the note to our quote meantime but we won't need StaySure policy if the FCDO change their stance, as our UK Insurance (through Nationwide BS) would become valid. If the FCDO advisory is still in place 2 or 3 weeks before the cruise, we'll go back to StaySure as we won't be travelling without insurance.
  8. That's interesting. I spoke to Staysure at length about cover for a September med cruise. The rep contacted their underwriters who confirmed that as long as you take out their EU (travel against FCDO advice) extension which covers travel to Amber listed EU countries (little extra cost), then they WILL provide cover for a cruise which ports in the EU/Med. They added this note to the quote and confirmed that they would put this in writing. Only reason I contacted StaySure was because UK Insurance (Nationwide BS) stated that they would not cover any international cruise while the F
  9. And the UK FCDO is still advising against international cruises which most likely invalidates travel insurance. Running a cruise line must be one of the most complex and difficult tasks in business at the moment.
  10. Interesting. I have a login for the NHS website but have failed the new ID test using both my passport and driving licence ! Got an email asking me to check that my GP has my correct name, DOB and address. Been with same GP for 16 years, so this is a blind alley. Would like to hear of anyone in Scotland who has managed to link their vax certificate to the NHS UK website.
  11. Indeed. Meantime, we have to make do with the certificate mentioned by tiggertom and just hope airlines, immigration and cruise lines accept these easily created/forged docs 😳
  12. So is NZ, but you've got to admire the creative efforts to make the round dozen 😀
  13. The self-guided tour ban makes sense to protect the ship community but the rest - for a ship that's fully vaccinated and tested - smacks of over the top nonsense.
  14. Agree with this. Any paper/card based system is next to useless without the backup of a Gov verification system and threat of very hefty penalties for those who forge their papers - akin to forging a passport. For those crossing country borders, a formal stamp in passports is the min needed - again with the threat to verify at any stage. Have no issue with anyone not wishing to take the vaccine, it's their personal choice, but they in turn need to accept this may quite reasonably restrict their ability to move between countries or get on cruise ships, at least while COVID remains a
  15. In the same way a GP wouldn't go with a first high blood pressure reading, you would expect SS to run a 2nd or even 3rd test before declaring you infected and refuse you boarding. To be denied by a false lateral flow test would be galling, and could have implications for you getting on a plane home etc.
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