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  1. Yes! We had an 8 night itinerary with 2 full sea days and one half sea day (in port from noon to 9 p.m.) and we were EXHAUSTED! We even stayed in Livorno and didn't go into Pisa or Florence because it would have been yet another early morning after two days of 6 a.m. wakeups in Naples and Rome. We were completely toast. Get as many sea days as you can just to rest. The smaller ships in Europe may not have a lot of the bells and whistles of the Quantam or Oasis class but there's just enough to keep you entertained on a lower key. Sailing Europe was amazing, just a very different experience from Caribbean or Bahamas cruises. Completely different vibe.
  2. I sailed Rhapsody in 2017 out of Venice in late October. I can't address your suite questions, but I can tell you more about the ship. It was our first ever cruise. We went with later dining and we found that it was a good time for a port-intensive Europe itinerary. Keep in mind the ports are not too close to a lot of the destinations, especially in Italy. We had to travel up to an hour or 90 minutes to get from the port to the cities, so if we were out and about in Rome until 4 and All Aboard was 6:30 p.m., then we would have missed the early dinner. But, we were also so busy in port we got super tired so an 8:30 p.m. dinner time was also too late. So, it depends on how much of a night owl you are. We got used to it after the first couple nights and I liked the time in the room to relax, shower, change, and go have a pre-dinner drink. There wasn't anything like Sorrento's on board. Late night snacks were available in the Solarium. Since we ate dinner so late we didn't look for late night food, so I may have missed something. Over all we really liked the Rhapsody for a Mediterranean cruise. You spend so much time in port that you don't need a ship with a lot of bells and whistles like the larger ships. Some of the entertainment was bad, but only in the sense that the performers are very talented but the material they had to work with was something out of a 80's or 90's lounge in Reno. The ship was always clean, the crew was outstanding and we still talk about how wonderful our room steward was. We're actually booked on a Bahamas cruise on the Anthem in 2021 and are looking forward to "leveling up" from the Rhapsody. But we'd sail her again in a heartbeat!
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