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  1. Crews needs to rejoin ships in international water and be on the ship for 30 days before returning to US waters ive been told.
  2. Four booked for 2021 and getting ready to start booking for 2022. Can't wait.
  3. Four booked for 2021 and getting ready to start booking for 2022. Can't wait.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Two cruises booked on her next year, fingers crossed and hoping for the best.
  5. I'll volunteer and take one for the team just to cruise again.. No ports needed. I know they have to dock but I'd sail around in circle for 7 days at this point. I've always loved seadyas anyways...
  6. We are very bummed about Matt's departure. He's by far the best CD we've ever cruised with and we have had the luxury to sail with him 5 times, the best being a New Years Eve cruise on the Vista. Hope he stays on with Carnival in some capacity.
  7. No big deal to wear a mask. If it's required we will just to sail again.
  8. Then maybe it's time to leave carnival and enjoy those other gimmicks.
  9. We have two cruises on the Mardi Gras next year and I think I'm more excited about Bolt than my kids. Can't wait to try it.
  10. What ever it takes to cruise again.
  11. Sorry to jump in on your Conversation with others but we have no interest in A.I's.. Cruising is tje Best deal and offers the most IMHO. Best day ever for me was when I broken down many years ago and took my wife to a very nice all inclusive in St Lucia and on day two at breakfast she begrudgingly looked at me and said we should have done a cruise. The battle had been won. Haven't done once since and approach Diamond status quickly...
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