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  1. Paul Thanks to both you and Flatbush Flyer for the information. I have sent a email to my Oceania rep of many cruises and hope she can work something out so I can get on the My Account : Booked Cruises page. Hi from KA9CKQ my wife. both her dad and brothers are hams.
  2. This is my first B to B cruise after having been on 9 other Oceania cruises. When I try to enter my Booking Number on the My Account : Booked Cruises page, I get an Error message telling me that B to B reservations cannot be managed online while they upgrade their system. I have no way of viewing any activity about this cruise. "View your air schedules, make dining reservations, reserve shore excursions, complete your guest registration forms and more" If I was on either of the two legs of this B to B cruise I would be able to view and work on my information. As of now it is like I'm not even on this cruise. I need to call Oceania or my travel agent and have them do all the things I would like to do on the 'My Account' page.
  3. How many others are mad because we can't get on the My Account section of Oceania's web site to work with our cruise, because we are on a back to back cruise. I wonder if the top brass know we are upset about this?
  4. How is one ranked? What is a Cool cruiser rank?
  5. Question about turn around day between two back to back cruises. The cruise ends in Barcelona , docking at 6 AM and next cruise leaving at 7 PM. If one has the same cabin assignment for both cruises are you able to take a private tour and return to the ship without checking in a second time for the second cruise? When does the ship hold the boat drill for the second cruise? Any other things one needs to know about on that day?
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