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  1. Sail date: 1 April Splendor Cancelled by Regent: 13 March Requested refund: 17 March Refund received: 31 May (overnight)
  2. Received refund on our credit card overnight for our 1 April Splendor cruise! Cancelled by Regent 13 March. We requested a refund as soon as they sent us the form by e-mail.
  3. Just checked and our canceled cruise is still on the past cruise list but without points.
  4. Not sure about pas cruise list. Our reservation dropped off our "My Celebrity" account exactly two weeks before we received our refund. We didn't request any FCC. I wrote to the celebrity engagement center when it dropped off and a very nice lady there told me it would take about 2 weeks to receive the refund and she was correct. Hope this helps.
  5. Yes, they absolutely did. In fact, I was surprised by the June cruise deposit being included. We also got the total deposit amount (in 3 amounts) for that cruise.
  6. Also received refund this morning for Summit 9 May and 6 June cruises. Refunds came in 7 different amounts. The 6 June cruise was deposit only as that is all that we had paid on it. Hang in there folks. We responded to the Celebrity e-mail the same day they cancelled each cruise. The 9 May one was cancelled in March so it took almost 2 months to get our refund. The June was only the deposit so they added it to the credit card with the May cruise.
  7. As far as I was concerned finding out that the 14 Mar cruise from San Diego was cancelled sealed our fate for our 1 Apr cruise on Splendor. I didn' t know about the others overseas. The rest of this thread just got ugly..
  8. It's tricky depending on how they booked the suites. When you look at the prices for the suites there are two prices, one being best value and one is a lower price. I believe the best value one is the refundable suite and the one with the lower price is non-refundable. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. We have two cruises booked on the Summit coming up and both were refundable. When the price went down they wouldn't give it to us unless we agreed to a non-refundable rate. Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks for the responses. Looks like American is doing better by folks than United.
  10. Interested in seeing what happens with your United mileage since we are in the same boat with cancelling our flight which we got with mileage.
  11. We were also scheduled to sail on the 1 Apr cruise. I can't even tell you how disappointed we are. One good thing, though, is that if we went we were going to have to be screened when we got to NYC port. The mayor there said no one was getting off a cruise ship in New York ports without being screened. If anyone was sick we'd all have been quarantined.
  12. I just looked up a cruise on the Summit and it doesn't show suites anymore when you go to select a cabin. It now shows "the retreat."
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    Where is reflections beach bar?
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