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  1. Agree with the wait for wine at dinner. We don't like waiting that long for a nice glass of wine either. May I ask how long ago your wife had knee surgery? My husband is having total knee replacement a couple of months before our next cruise and we're hoping he can get around alright on the cruise. Thanks.
  2. Never heard of cabin attendants starting at 11. They normally start at 8:00 am. I don't know what ship you are on but this has never happened to us and we have over 50 cruises with Celebrity. If I were you I'd ask him why he doesn't start at 8:00 which is normal. Unless, of course, things have changed that much and service went downhill!
  3. My experience in the past has been good also. However, something has changed. Rebook with a non-refundable deposit, cruise does not quality, applying veteran discount comes before the price drop so if you had a previous discount it gets lowered and then the veteran discount results in the same price? It's crazy. I hear others in here saying their cruise didn't qualify either. Also I was told my cruise did not qualify for the non-refundable deposit after they told me it did but the price would be the same and I would lose my current OBC. I got frustrated and got off the phone. They said a lot of folks complaining about similar issues.
  4. Thanks for your quick reply. This is good to know ahead of time. We are booked on the Splendor next year and hoping since they are sister ships (I think) the bathroom would be similar.
  5. Can anyone who has been on Explorer remember whether or not there was a place to hang wet clothes (bathing suits) in the bathtub like a shower line or bars? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks. I had heard they did away with the one on Navigator. Good to see they still have them on other ships for those who like to relax and have a smoke.
  7. Are you referring to the Navigator or the Mariner as far as doing away with the Connoisseur Club?
  8. Funny seeing this thread about the egg crates. I just answered a question from someone currently on Liberty (above this thread) about the suite concierges. They asked about what cabin issues we had and one of them was the stained egg crate on the bed. Believe me if you ever saw that you would never want one.
  9. Hi. We were in an owners suite on that cruise. The shower water temperature would not stay on where you turned the faucet. I actually got scalded with hot water while showering. I would turn the faucet knob to cold and it would not stay there. I couldn't get it to stay just warm. It would keep switching to really hot. Hard to take a shower that way. We also had some weird noise by the balcony door and somehow they fixed that. I think it had something to do with the fan that was next to the door. Then we found out there was an egg crate on top of the matress which we didn't need so when we took it off it had a large stain on the reverse side so we left it at the foot of the bed on the floor and the cabin attendant took it out but I'm sure he saw that. It looked like dried blood on that side. I don't want to gross anyone out but we sure were upon seeing that. I didn't tell the concierge about that because I'm sure the chief housekeeper saw it since she came to our cabin later to ask if everything was alright. Anyway, those were the issues we had. We were in a grant suite on our next cruise on Liberty and everything was great. It was just hard to believe that someone just turned that egg topper over after seeing that it was stained like that. Hope you enjoy your suite but I would definitely report the smell. They might be able to do something. Could be something in the drain that they could just clean out.
  10. Thanks. That would be nice of you. When we were on Liberty we had one of the best concierges we've ever had. His name was Carlos. He had found out we had issues in our suite and wondered why we didn't come to him. We just told the stateroom attendant about it. Anyway, Carlos found out they couldn't correct the issue and got us a refund and future cruise credit! Also escorted us off the ship as soon as we were ready on both cruises we sailed with him. How's that for service? Of course he received a generous tip from us.
  11. Guess we'll see once on board. Just booked the Adventure. We used to go on the Explorer a lot but once it left the area and added more cabins we gave up on it. I believe the Adventure is the sister ship so we'll see if things are too crowded. We got used to ships without so many people on board.
  12. Thanks. If I remember correctly that lounge on Liberty was small and when we went in for drinks before dinner it was so crowded you couldn't get a seat. How about the breakfast? Does diamond plus have access to the same breakfast restaurant as suites?
  13. Hi. I have a question for you. Do diamond plus passengers have access to the concierge lounge? I seem to remember the last time we were on Liberty they did. We will be in a suite and are also diamond plus. I also remember in the theater the reserved seats were also diamond plus and above and suite passengers. We haven't been on RC for 5 years. I am reading now there is a "key" program also where people can buy additional perks?
  14. It's what I suspected. I've heard they cut down on the closet space on Summit. It used to have the two double doors and as George said you could walk into it. Just sad what they did to the M class sky suites.
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