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  1. What are you talking about! Stovies must be made with left over roast beef. Next you will be telling me you wear undergarments on formal nights.
  2. which they have used to benefit their country as compared to us who squandered it. When we were in Flam this year we went a walk round the hills to find some signs put up by the local farmer who clearly expressed his opinion on the cruise ships docking nearby. I don't really see that the ships bring in much income. The local hotels yes with their sky high prices. People just get back on board for lunch.
  3. It also decrees “whatever is in the seas and in the rivers, that do not have fins and scales...you may not eat of their flesh” (Leviticus 11:10-11) which makes lobster night quite difficult.
  4. I can never understand why people feel the need to advertise what they tip or don't tip. The original question was answered.
  5. I booked Thursday via TA. PO email came this morning.
  6. At this time I am not happy. My TA did not phone me to say all was well by 10am as promised or indeed to say all not well what did I want to do. I phoned and was promised an email which didn't come. Phoned again at 1 to be informed they have booked me on a deck I specifically said not to book. I gave them 16 cabins I would take and if they were not available then not to book. Now they are phoning P+O to get it changed but have not responded back to me. Will phone again at 4.
  7. Have gone with a particular TA. Now its the wait till Thurday to see it I get what I requested. If will be our first holiday without any children for the past 20 plus years. Looking forward to the lack of responsibility but not looking forward to wondering the state of the house when we return!
  8. Current state of play. I have two offers for exactly the same amount. That amount is 5.5% less than the Pando price. However which one to go for. I will give my discussion. One is an online only seller of cruises. The other is a Scottish company who sell holidays. Next Wednesday PandO open up the cruises for selling. At that point between 8 - 10 the prices are frozen. After 10 its flexible pricing time. Therefore I need my company to purchase in those two hours. Both claim they will. I am less flexable on cabin. I have around 20 which I would prefer all on the same deck. Not keen on others in the same class which are all on much higher decks. I did enjoy this year coming out of the cabin being being in the Atrium within seconds. I would imagine that the cruise only seller will have far greater experience in getting thoses cruises booked. However they will also have far more to do whereas the Scottish only will have less to book but also perhaps less staff to do it. I understand that we can't name TA's on this site but struggling to know which way to go. PandO direct were even less help basically just stating they would book anywhere in the class. I did try another well known online seller who I have booked with for next year but they refused to price match and claimed one particular seller was cutting themselves so thinly they wouldn't go down that path.
  9. I did phone P and O re the non discount when booking online. They claimed discount was off. No payment using Tesco vouchers allowed for pre reg prices. I have phoned a couple of TA and they are showing the discount. Will be booking via them. Just waiting for a quote off a second one to see if they will beat first price.
  10. Will need to phone P and O later but out most of day so thought I would try here first. The are offering 10% discount for previous traveller but having gone all the way through a dummy booking the discount has not appeared at any point. Same price if I log in as me or not. There also doesn't appear to be a way to use Tesco clubcard vouchers on the pre-registration.
  11. Given they have been caught before it just doubles up the stupidity. I see they have been doing the "woe is me" routine since going to jail. Its too cold, crowded and full of criminals. They of course are just nice pensioners who happen to have accidently tried to smuggle drugs into the country. They don't seem to make the connection between the drugs and the carnage those drugs can cause. Wonder how many times they got away with it?
  12. Seems messaging isn't switched on for member. Please email me at ridgeman@gmail.com and I can sort out payment/postage. Thanks
  13. I know this will have been answered a thousand times but my searching coming up with nothing. two issues I don't appear to have the right to message another member. Is there something I need to do to switch that on. The email I used to sign up for the forums is now not one I use at all. How do I change it?
  14. Many many thanks. I will message you my details etc It appears I am not allowed to send any messages. Not too sure why. Never tried before. Can you please email me at ridgeman@gmail.com and I can communicate that way. Off to see about messaging.
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