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  1. Got mine back today from ABTA for July cruise.
  2. I'm so glad we don't have the US system of profit making from health.
  3. Which means the data is also corrupt for you to use as evidence. You made a statement but can't prove it with data because as you say the data is corrupt. Therefore your statement of fact is in fact just a guess and unless you work in the field of healthcare science or have a relevant qualification its just an uneducated guess.
  4. Then why did you make your statement given you have no proof for it? You can't provide the evidence. You statement is as valid as for me to say there are far more covid deaths which have not been found to be covid. You can't prove I'm wrong either. You are talking about only the USA, I am going on world figures. The virus doesn't recognise borders or different health care systems.
  5. Evidence for that statement please.
  6. For RCI its an equation. On board credit because you are invested in the company means you are more likely to book with RCI. $100 dollars in the grand scheme of things is minimal to them. If they thought that the discount was affecting them negatively then they would withdraw it. Don't feel guilty. You are supporting the company and in turn they are supporting you.
  7. Everyone posts to get a reaction. Thats the point of posting. Otherwise just write something on a piece of paper.
  8. Hes a political employee. The symptoms will be mild. Hes only had the thing a couple of days at most. The problems kick in after about a week or so. However much of a complete idiot I believe him to be with his previous attitude to this virus I wish him a complete recovery.
  9. Looks like it. I'm booked for next October. Deliberately wanted Rhapsody. Happy at the lack of change.
  10. Perhaps. but they can only do what they stated originally with our data. They have no powers to change that without specific agreement of the data subjects. That said their data notice has disappeared.
  11. Happy the proposed Rhapsody changes are no longer happening.
  12. Was not expecting this so early. Had a look today and my daily package was £32. Was £43 last week. For the week its £15 per person higher than my last cruise. It may get cheaper but grabbed it as had cabin credit to use up anyway.
  13. We are booked on Rhapsody from pretend Venice next October. Not sailed on Brilliance but at least its not that much bigger. Not a fan of the big ships.
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