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  1. Today I have woken to a cancellation invoice. The only problem is I can't work out if they are paying me it all back or none! I am going to have to phone yet again. The invoice is just a tad unclear.
  2. They claimed no supervisors working for the whole of RCI today which is somewhat being economical with the truth. My insurance is with my bank. Cruise is October. What I am seeking is exactly how much Royal is going to refund. I can then claim the rest via insurance. I only want what has been paid either via Royal or insurance. Royal are being very difficult and making demands but then taking days and in one case over a week to respond. None of this should be difficult. I have paid to them my deposit, the full flight costs and cash for drinks packages. What I was expecting
  3. It is a bank holiday for us but our calls are routed to the states so not a bank holiday for you! I have had no issues with the other companies refunding to new card or direct to bank account. Attempting to send to a card I have made them aware no longer exists is pointless and a waste of both our times.
  4. I have made it clear it has to be refunded. Not willing to accept FCC and as being cancelled by me due to illness they have agreed. I cannot understand why they need to attempt to put the money back to an account which i have made it clear to them does not exist anymore. Equally cannot understand why there is no-one working today who is able to deal with it. They are doing themselves no favour with me by the way they are reacting/dealing with our situation.
  5. Without going into too many personal details we are having to cancel a cruise later this year due to one of the party having a recent diagnosis and currently undergoing chemo. Due to this we have had to cancel a number of things. All the companies have been excellent apart from one. Royal have so far been dreadful. If they could find another hoop for us to jump through I'm sure they would. We have insurance so this a much more a a matter of them telling us what they are returning and what I need to claim from insurance. I was sent a statement yesterday which made c
  6. Everyones opinion does not have equal validity. Expert opinions are based on evidence and the understanding of that evidence. Yes there will be differences but the consensus tends to be the most factual one in hindsight. You can always find an alternative opinion as some people just like the limelight and having their voice heard.
  7. The most recent evidence, which I of course can't find today, is that side-effects after the jab make no difference to future levels of protection. Would seem to be a face value that it should but apparently not. Off now to do another day of jags. As we have moved down the age groups there does seem to be less happiness at getting the vaccination. Doesn't help we now have to do the whole blood clot speel when its AZ we're doing! Couple of refusals last week but the numbers of DNA is pretty much unchanged.
  8. Ah but what are the chances of being struck by lightning after having just purchased that winning lottery ticket. Then in the panic after the lighting strike your ticket being picked up by the person who vaccinated you the day before.
  9. It does look like it is. It was confusing me as it was saying 7p per minute. Just wish they would answer the phone. The whole business is adding to the stress of our recent diagnosis.
  10. Gave up after an hour. No response. No idea where I am in the queue.
  11. Got put through. Now in the same queue that hasn't answered the phone twice after 30 minutes. Only difference is that at least I am not paying for them to wait.
  12. Thanks. That number is for post cruise. So far they have failed 3 times to put me through to pre cruise. They are trying but the lines keeps going dead.
  13. I am having on medical advice/instruction to cancel two cruises later on this year. I have spoken to my insurance company and they cover the cancellation. What they need is a statement from RCI on what they are not refunding. I have paid more than the deposit so will have some to be returned. Trouble is that RCI are not answering their 7p a minute phone line. Waited 30 minutes yesterday and again today with no response. I emailed and explained what the issue was. They have replied asking for a medical certificate and if I need any more info to phone the same number they are n
  14. You have access anyway under a Subject Access Request. Staff have been cleaning up their acts for years as records have been available for patients to see. This includes any emails where they are mentioned which is the one which can trip up staff. Same goes for employees who can ask for anything they are mentioned in. The one thing to note is that you may not get everything. Any third party information will be withheld, eg your partner phones in to say they feel something is wrong or your not taking your medication will not be shown to you and the medics can decide that it woul
  15. Under £30 at Argos. Yes its a very basic phone but thats all thats needed https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7239135?istCompanyId=a74d8886-5df9-4baa-b776-166b3bf9111c&istFeedId=c290d9a9-b5d6-423c-841d-2a559621874c&istItemId=ixwliwrmw&istBid=t&&cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59157|acid:804-627-9544|cid:9606825319|agid:101858975911|tid:pla-944482730527|crid:424817605113|nw:g|rnd:11771486835848931956|dvc:c|adp:|mt:|loc:1007382&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=9606825319&utm_term=7239135&utm_content=shopping&utm_custom1=101858975911&am
  16. I will try to make this not sound rude! My primary role is to ensure I give a safe vaccination to the member of the public sitting in front of me. I must check if it is safe to give that specific person a vaccination based on their history. I then need to make sure that I actually carry it out in a safe manner. There will be some people where it is safer they get the vaccine in hospital, others (usually people who faint), where we will adminster the vaccination away from public view while on a day bed. I will tailor the experience as much as possible to the individual with me.
  17. One thing I can say as a nurse vaccinator is that we jab the people sitting in front of us. We are not the people who decide if someone should have a vaccination or not. There is a whole process around that and its decided well before they sit down in front of me to get jabbed. The only thing we are checking is that the person I am about to vaccinate is who they say they are based on their demographics. We don't check the validity of them getting the vaccination. That role is someone elses.
  18. Its these ones Carnival plc (CCL) Ordinary USD1.66
  19. You arguments are flawed. However I understand that your point of view it fixed. That nothing anybody put would change them. I have had both jags, I have spent today vaccinating people and I can honestly say it has been the most rewarding shift I have had for years. I take responsibility for my decision to have the vaccine. You equally have to take the responsibility for you not taking it and the potential consequences of that choice.
  20. You mean to say you have been together 45 years and still to get married?
  21. The requirement for a vaccination passport will not be coming from the Government. They may facilitate the introduction of one but there is no way they would ever go down the path of mandating it. Therefore the passport requirement will be from companies or foreign governments. There will be cases where not being able to have the vaccine for health reasons will mean you just can't do what it is you want to. I have no doubt that will be seen as an infringement and tested in court.
  22. There are many different ways for this to happen. If the decision is not to go with a "national" passport then you will need to provide your own evidence. There are effectively two ways to do that. Firstly, request evidence from your GP. They will very happily give you evidence of your vaccination status on headed paper with a signature. They will do that happily as they will be charging you for that. The price can be whatever they decide it to be at each individual practice as they are indivual businesses. Or you can do a Subject Access request to your practice a
  23. Not my point. The issue is that the information would be on the NHS app. At present they don't have the right to transfer that to another app being used for a different purpose. I understand it seems pedantic but it is also important. People can only do with information what they said they would do when you gave it. They can't alter the agreement later without a new agreement being in place. Add to that the complication that the information held is not your information. Its information about you which is a different thing. The owner of that information is the health authorit
  24. While the technology may be simple the process won't be. There is more than one nation involved. I will speak about Scotland which I know far better. At present the "fact" that an vaccination has been given is being recorded on TURAS which is a national system. Its normal use is for staff appraisals! The right to collect the vaccination information is a given under GDPR as its part of health care provision. However the right to share that information outside of the app with other organizations under a data sharing agreement is not in place and would be a decision for each patient.
  25. Interesting. Up till now the Flu vaccine can be give to children by nasal spray but rather than with the Flu jag it is a very weakenrd strain of the flu. The Covid vaccinations so far have not contained live covid. Some more about similar/same research https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/news/scientists-developing-covid-19-vaccine-nasal-spray-1 If this does work and I hope it does it will make this whole process so much quicker and easier.
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