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  1. Sea Day Brunch in MDR has Brunch Burger which is that. I did not try it so cannot comment how it tasted.
  2. If I lived in Miami or Port Canaveral area I probably would give the 3 dayers a try as a good way to blow off some steam on a weekend. Would probably actually purchase Cheers then. I figure I could get my moneys worth then as opposed to 7 days.
  3. Any difference between Legend and Pride? Looking at Carnival Legend it seems to be pretty much the same as Carnival Pride.
  4. Sea Day Brunch is excellent. My wife loves the 12 hour french toast and I flip between Steak & Eggs or Salmon Eggs Benedict.
  5. I believe any beverage will qualify.
  6. Jack and Diet Coke (well I suppose now Diet Pepsi as Carnival switching to Pepsi products) is good enough for me. Zero Carbs baby.
  7. I do not care about cheaper deposits, a true Black Friday deal is lowering the cruise price. Boom baby.
  8. Bring on whatever 12 pack you so desire. I mean come on. If this is your biggest issue then you got no issue.
  9. They have a Chocolate Hazelnut cake that was served on a formal night that in my opinion is better than their melted chocolate cake.
  10. The comedy club acts on Carnival are great. The playlist production acts are ok but when compared to other cruise lines are definitely below par.
  11. I did a galley tour on another cruise line for free years back because a coworker's daughter worked on the ship and hooked me up with it when they found out about my vacation. I enjoyed it but once I found out what the actual cost was I was like I liked it because it was free but I would not pay that much for it.
  12. If Carnival offers complimentary alcohol to these then I will go otherwise sorry but no thanks. So many other things to do on the ship.
  13. Dive in Movies are great. Something about being on the ship watching a movie on the big screen really does add something extra to it.
  14. Just curious on Carnival Pride when they dock in Bermuda what the MDR menu is for dinner those nights. Looking to book a Bermuda cruise on the Pride next year.
  15. If you do it the morning it starts you will be fine with getting an early check in time. You do not need to be up at 12:01AM. If you happen to be up at 12:01AM then might as well do it anyways just go get it over with.
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