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  1. I could probably do Cheers (won't hit 15 but probably make it to 10 over the course of the day) but my wife cannot as she is at best 2 drinks a day. But of course (and rightfully so to avoid sharing) Carnival requires everyone 21+ in the same room to purchase Cheers if you want Cheers.
  2. I would be concerned if I did that and the note was still there 6 months later. Makes me worried about how well the room gets cleaned overall.
  3. Not turning this into a parenting form but do not give advice to other people's kids. Their parents may take offense to that. Their parents should be the one to control their kids and offer any advice.
  4. I got a terrible upgrade offer yesterday for my October cruise. Upgrade from a OV room to a Balcony for $400. No thanks.
  5. We are doing a Carnival cruise in October (Kids will be 2 and 5 for the cruise). We are thinking too that when they are older we will look into a Disney Cruise (combination of Disney World trip with Disney Cruise).
  6. I get it if you want to say sharing alcoholic drinks on cheers is bad. But who cares if a parent uses their cheers to get their kid a milkshake or a soda. Come on people, no one is perfect. Relax, have fun.
  7. I am sailing on October 20th. Hopefully I will luck out and it will be in the 70s for embarkation day.
  8. My cruise in October has a stop there from 7AM - 1:30PM. The plan is to take a shuttle (which I saw was $10 round trip) to the free public beach and just hang out there in the morning and get back on the ship for lunch.
  9. How does the Brunch Burger compare to Guys Burgers?
  10. I am taking my cruise on Sunday 10/20 and my Eagles are the NBC Sunday Night game that week against those garbage Cowboys so I will be spending my Sunday Evening in their Sports Bar watching the Birds.
  11. It would be nice if they had some of those juices available all day and not just breakfast.
  12. You don't need to get dressed up for formal night if that is the only reason you are skipping it.
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