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  1. Not sure how the Carnival ship you are referring to is exactly structured but isn't Guys Burger just outside of the lido buffet. So in the end the vegetarian will still eat with their party at the table. If the vegetarian is not sure how the fries are cooked then do not chance it. So many options and you will all still sit at the same table. The ship does great to cater to most dietary needs but that does not have to mean every individual station needs to cater to all dietary needs. Some may not.
  2. If I were a strict vegetarian I would just play it safe and avoid Guys Burgers fries if you are not sure. Plenty of other options on the ship.
  3. I believe as long as they are turning 2 during the cruise they can use it right away.
  4. I know you can, I was joking in my response, or at least I thought I was.
  5. I hear the Banana Split from the kids menu is excellent. I will definitely give it a try (have my 5 year old order it so I can still look "adult")
  6. Do you cruise often? If you do maybe that's why you got the offer so they can get you in the casino.
  7. You will find out next week what the official word as Carnival typically waits until the week of cruise (or even day of) for itinerary change updates.
  8. For cruises out of New York (or other east coast cities where applicable) can NCL stop having Port Canaveral stops? Does anyone actually like that stop? Cocoa Beach is overrated. Disney is too far away so trying to do that in 1 day with the bus ride up and back is not worth it. If you like NASA stuff then it might be worth it but other than that why bother even having this stop?
  9. This is where I wish Carnival had a non alcoholic beverage package (not just bottomless bubbles).
  10. That would be so crappy if Carnival did not let you purchase it individually if you had a Dr. note to prove your wife is pregnant.
  11. I would focus on other cruise lines for different parts of the world.
  12. Might look to sail her in Oct 2020 shortly after my youngest son turns 3. Currently a kids sail free promotion going on within that date range.
  13. You will probably get official word for Freeport if cancelled sometime next week. I am on the 10/20 Pride Cruise. Grand Turk and HMC stops are already good enough for me. If Freeport is not available and it is another sea day I am good with it. Though if Freeport is open I will be sure to provide a contribution to the local economy at a couple shops.
  14. Congrats! Have a fun cruise in 5 weeks. Mine is now less than 4 weeks.
  15. Thank you all for your responses. I will have to see what my cabin has for the mini bar unit to determine how cold it is for storing yogurts for an extended period of time if necessary.
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