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  1. The Mardi Gras haven’t even touched US waters. She’s still in Spain. I’m assuming Carnival hasn’t finalized a date for it to do so. Among other factors, they most likely haven’t even submitted the required paperwork to the CDC in order for it to be considered “green”. Hopefully she will soon.
  2. I agree with you 100%. The people who refuse to wear a mask, are people I don’t ever want to be around.
  3. I can see the Miracle being moved to LB until the Radiance arrives. Most likely November. Which would work out since the CDC has the 7 nights or less order that expires at that time. Carnival can easily run 3/4 days on the Miracle and 7 night on the Pano, all out of LB.
  4. Here's a thought....Maybe Carnival pulls the Miracle from San Diego to operate the 3/4 day cruise out of Long Beach until the Radiance arrives. 🤷‍♂️
  5. As of now, 10/31 https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/index.html
  6. The Whitehouse stepping in to overrule scientists... isn’t political? Give me a break. 🙄
  7. I’m at risk and I want to be alive. I also have to work with the public to support my family. The issue is the general public wants to “live their life” with total disregard about anyone else around them. This isn’t just about an Individual, this is a collective effort.
  8. I for one like what the lines are doing. It is only temporary in order for the lines to sail again. If you don't want to go...Don't. I do!
  9. The major lines here in the States can easily offer the same option as MSC. 3 excursions for roughly $100. Gives them control and some revenue. I think that’s wise.
  10. Everything is speculation at this point. The CDC needs to lift their no sail order before the lines can officially announce their return to service dates. Until then, we wait.
  11. That is why I like what the European lines are doing. If you test positive once, they have you test again as a back up. I think that is smart.
  12. If masks are required by everyone to get the industry sailing again, then so be it. I am all in. If you choose not to, fine. But to say, that it isn't a concern, is selfish.
  13. Wearing a mask, temp checks, covid test and controlled excursions, doesn't phase me in the least. If that is what I need to do to support Carnival, I'm all in.
  14. I would think the US lines could follow the protocol that European lines that are currently sailing. They have rapid testing at the pier prior to boarding. As you said. someone will come up with that here.
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