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  1. Another perspective here. I tried to love my one Viking Ocean experience (Into the Midnight Sun). But I didn’t. And it’s Viking’s fault! I had been on 4 Viking River Cruises by the time I tried Ocean and I absolutely, head over heels, loved them. The small ship experience of ~200 passengers was awesome. Background: had been on a couple of mainstream cruises earlier in my life but didn’t really like them. We were do it yourselfers most of our traveling lives. We reached a point where we appreciated having the grunt work of travel taken care of for us. So Viking River spoiled us for the intimat
  2. We booked 9 am swim with the pigs. We are early risers and my energy level wanes in the afternoon. Plus we are not used to the heat and humidity so it will be best for us to be back on the ship in the afternoon.
  3. We are also booked for December. When I couldn’t book a night at the Marriott on my own I contacted my Silversea agent who was able to add the extra night pre-cruise at a very reasonable rate. I figure if the hotel changes then Silversea will honor the additional night at the same rate.
  4. Agree with you, Petoonya. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We are hoping beyond hope that our August 26 Tahiti cruise will be a go and have booked all Windstar excursions for the cruise. Meanwhile we’ll (hopefully) be sailing in the Bahamas with Crystal. No covid test required to enter the Bahamas if you’re vaccinated and you’re allowed to explore on your own. The trade off with that cruise is that it will be mighty hot in July. We’ll be on the lookout for any way we can get in the water!
  5. Keith, did you miss my posting for the Future Cruise thread?
  6. Hi, Truly! So glad you found your way over to the Silversea board and especially the Cooler. I too am mostly a lurker with the occasional post. I have enjoyed your posts on other boards and was sad when you felt you could no longer participate on one of them—completely agreed with you there. Love the vibe, the humor and the funnies here. This board is keeping me sane through this trying time.
  7. I would be fine with a Beach lounger and an umbrella. I see them in pictures of Resorts World Bimini but do not know if they’re available to day trippers like us.
  8. Oo I didn’t see a description on the website. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Yes, Crockford’s is the third hotel, my bad. Thanks for the gentle correction.
  10. The Las Vegas campus will have a Virgin Hotel (already open), a Conrad and the new Las Vegas Hilton. The downside is that the location is at a far end of the strip, not so easily accessible to the main part of the strip (Bellagio, Caesar's, Paris, etc.)
  11. For the beach day at Resort World on Bimini they are selling three types of cabanas: Beach, Pool and Garden. Besides the obvious, does anyone know where these are located on the property? I don't see anything in the pictures I've looked at that I would call "the Garden". And there are several pools-would the cabanas be spread out among all the pools? Trying to decide what to spring for. Also, it appears that I can pre-reserve in one guest's name only. It won't allow me to reserve one for each of us which leads me to believe these are cabanas for two people. These are fairly basic questions but
  12. One more for the Future Cruising Thread: July 10 Nassau R/T TakingFlight (Jo Ann/John) Our first time on Crystal!
  13. Actually, that’s good to hear. I have sailed several Viking river cruises and thoroughly enjoyed them. I took one Viking ocean cruise and said never again. I’ve been operating under the premise that it was the size of the ship I didn’t like so I thought I’d give a “larger” ship one more try. (I do enjoy Windstar cruises with 300 passengers or so). I’m booked on one of the July Bahamas cruises on Crystal and I have high hopes that it will be a much better experience. All of the Crystal threads have been very encouraging. Let’s hope I haven’t set my expectations too high!
  14. Thank you. I know I read that here somewhere but couldn’t find it. I think we’re close to booking the Bahamas—first time on Crystal.
  15. Does anyone know if these Bahamas sailings will be at reduced passenger capacity or are they selling all the cabins?
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