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  1. I’m looking at the 9/19 and 9/30/21 Star Pride Southeast Canadian Explorations cruises. Thanks for checking on this!
  2. Sorry about the typo-I meant that I CAN’T see them in the wizard but I can see them on the Windstar website.
  3. I’ve been using the Wonderful Wizard of Windstar for a while now and I’m loving it! Windstar rolled out some cruises for late 2021 that I can see in the wizard. About a week ago a few more cruises became available on the Windstar website. These have not appeared in the wizard. Is there a lag time before the wizard picks up a new cruise from the website?
  4. We will be on this cruise, also! So glad you posted today as I haven’t seen a roll call or any other posts for this year’s Monaco Grand Prix Cruise. There are a few recent threads with information about the Surf’s renovation. And a roll call for last year’s Monaco cruise (on the Star Pride) as well as a Cruise Critic review of that cruise because CC editor Carolyn was on the cruise. And don’t forget the Netflix Formula One series. Season one is available from last year and season two is coming out in early March. This will be a great cruise, can’t wait!
  5. Just got off the phone with Seattle. Some of the letters had an incorrect reply zip code. The correct zip code for Seattle is 98121, not 98109 as given in my letter. If you get your envelope back from Windstar, pop it back in the mail with the correct zip code-they will still accept our responses.
  6. I returned my letter to Windstar the day after I received it. It came back today labeled “no such address”. The address on my envelope is correct as instructed. Anyone else have this same issue? Guess I’ll need to get on the phone with Seattle and find out what happened. Seems so trivial to have to do this while others are struggling to rebook their cancelled cruises.
  7. I am also curious about this. I have always booked directly with the cruise line, then I heard on Cruise Critic about extra perks to be had when booking with a TA. I got a recommendation from a fellow traveler for a great TA, but lo and behold, they do not book Windstar. What’s up?
  8. I’ve been on three Windstar cruises and five Viking river cruises. I’ve researched all the river cruise lines and have found them to be comparable in routes and service. I’ve been tempted to try other river cruise lines, however price always draws me back to Viking. I’ve found that amenities that other river cruise lines offer can be had on Viking for an additional cost that usually ends up to be less than the fare for the other lines. I want to emphasize that this is an extremely subjective viewpoint based on my experience, and I am open to trying other cruise lines if we were joining friends or a particular wine club on the cruise. (As an aside, Viking decor is Scandinavian and rather understated.) Overall, river cruising Involves a limited number of passengers, usually 200 or less, and in this regard is quite similar to Windstar. Viking spoiled me for the small ship experience and Windstar complements that experience quite nicely.
  9. Great article, Chris. It reinforces my decision to go with Windstar in 2020. Really enjoying this year’s F1 season knowing that I’ll see a race in person next year.
  10. I have sailed on the Star Breeze twice. No gift bag either time. Is the bag exclusive to the Wind Surf?
  11. I’m interested in feedback, too. We’re booked for next year’s Monaco Grand Prix Cruise, Rome to Rome with a different, intriguing itinerary. It will be on the Wind Surf next year. Supposedly the ship docks in Monte Carlo right on the pier and you can easily walk into town with no tendering involved. We’ve only been to one Formula 1 race (in Austin) and If I only ever get to see one more race in person it’s got to be the Monaco Grand Prix! With the included tickets for Saturday and Sunday, it’s a no-brainer for me to go with Windstar vs Silversea, Crystal or trying to do it on my own.
  12. On the Colon to Puerto Caldera itinerary which day was the onboard BBQ?
  13. Unfortunately I’m not able to arrive for the cruise before embarkation day. The itinerary has changed so that we are in Avignon the first night, Arles the second and back to Avignon on the third night. I haven’t contacted Viking yet but I plan to. Not sure which day to do the CNDP chateau visit, I still have some research to do. But first, I’m off to Panama and Costa Rica with Windstar. Thank you for your replies, I’ll let you know what I discover.
  14. I’ve seen deals when the USA economy is sluggish, which is not the case now. I think that everyone’s first cruise is the most memorable. That being said, our second Viking cruise in Bordeaux was my favorite because I’m a wine aficianado. This was Mr. TakingFlight’s least favorite cruise, however, out of the four we’ve done. Paris and Normandy is his favorite. Our best offer from Viking was for a Danube Christmas Market cruise in December. Magical.
  15. We are sailing Avignon to Lyon on October 8, 2019. Our schedule has changed as Peregrina describes. Additionally, there is no optional tour to a Châteauneuf de Pape winery which would be one of the highlights of this cruise for me. I contacted Viking who asked me to be patient (not my best trait) while they finalize some changes to the itinerary. If the optional CDP tour doesn’t materialize I will plan my own, however I’m not sure which day to do it and I want to be sure the ship is where we left it when we return! I realize I have a lot of time before I have to make any decisions on this. I hope you all will share as you receive more information about these changes.
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