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  1. "DINE MY WAY IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE, TRY AGAIN LATER" This is actually better than what I have had, which is an infinite time of DMW "loading", and an eventual timeout of the app. At least now they admit it isn't working.
  2. cr8tiv1 - Where did you find that screenshot or whatever it was about web-based OceanReady? And yeah - I'll believe it when I see it. Do you suppose they got so swamped by people at the dock needing help they realized phone app only is not ideal for their clientele?
  3. Re Arrival Times: For my July 2022 Alaska cruise from San Francisco, we are flying up the day before and staying in a hotel booked through Princess. Then Princess is providing transport to the ship. So I will get there whenever Princess gets us there. So how do I pick an arrival time when I don't have any control over when it will be?
  4. I am also a humble Platinum. But when I try to book dining for my July 2022 Alaska cruise, all I get is "Dine My Way is not available right now".
  5. I've said this before on other threads. Those of us with weak eyes and fat fingers have a hard time entering lots of information into a phone app using a small screen we have a hard time reading. Using my iMac with a keyboard and a 21" screen was easier, faster, and less mistake prone. It would be nice if Princess designed their systems for their customers, instead of designing a system and hoping their customers can use it.
  6. "I really, really hate typing on my phone using a really tiny screen with fat fingers..." CONCUR! Why do I think whoever decided to make checkin be by phone only is a 20-something with perfect eyes and 0.1" diameter fingers? Will Princess ever figure out they are annoying a large fraction of their customer base? BTW - my Princess agent told me she has no way to pass on complaints like this to the front office. Anybody know how to make a complaint heard?
  7. When I do the above I can see all my own information, but nothing for my spouse. Does she need her own login? Or is there some trick to getting to see her info?
  8. We were on the Royal for a Calif. Coastal cruise in early Nov. Experience with the Medallion was similar. It got us onboard the ship blindingly fast, and it unlocked the cabin door every time. The part showing the activities also worked pretty well. The ordering part was very hit-and-miss. Would work sometimes and then stop working ten minutes later. We got our free drinks (wife and I) but I had a few experiences where I ordered the drink and the waiter with it could not find me. And we're still waiting for one drink we ordered by the pool. The worst part was the map function. Never did get it to work on my wife phone, and on mine it worked maybe 25% of the time. When it worked it was great, but we never got any sort of info as to why it wasn't working.
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