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  1. Avoid the ATM fees. Buy what you need in chips for the casino. Cash them in sometime later.
  2. Within the US - yes 2 examples 1. Living for some time in France, I heard waiters call out "Poisson" after tourists left having dropped embarrassingly large tips. For these servers it was an expected level of service. 2. In Ireland I saw a Publican (owner of the pub) politely refusing a tip. The American tourist persisted. After he had left, the publican picked the money off the bar and threw it across the room. The pub-owner had been embarrassed. A country's attitude toward tipping is societal, it is not a signal of personal virtue. It's a "When in Rome..." thing. If one thinks it is OK to tip in other countries because it is expected in the US, do you accept that it is OK for an Australian to tip in the US as he does at home?
  3. I think you just nicely summarized the complaint - the need for a changed process. I asked my TA awhile ago how many people book the pre-cruise hotel - arguably the worst deal in the industry. She said a lot do - a lot don't want to be bothered arranging anything. CruiseCritic members are more well-informed than, and a very small number of, the total cruisers.
  4. I think that is what the OP is saying - it should not default to the Oceania cruiser. Other Lines are capable of providing this service - why not O? "This is 2021 and in my opinion Oceania needs a competitive online air fare program to keep up with the times specially if they want to appeal to younger tech savvy passengers"
  5. Not sure if you are aware that there are Roll Calls on CruiseCritic for each voyage where other people who booked these sailings share information, excursions, and ideas.
  6. The email that I received from Oceania was a form letter with part of it highlighted. I copied it here as it answers other questions that have been asked. Credit is applied on a per stateroom/suite basis. There can only be one credit per shareholder reservation on any one sailing. If you are requesting shareholder onboard credit for two or more separate staterooms/suites and shares are held jointly, a minimum of 100 shares per stateroom/suite booked must be held. Singles paying 200% are entitled to full onboard credit value. Any unused credit shall be forfeited and is not redeemable for cash. Benefit is non-transferable, excludes Reduced Rate programs (e.g. employee rates, interline, friends /family rates, vendor rates, cruises taken via cruise credit certificate, or free cruises earned through Oceania Cruises loyalty benefits), and travel agent rates, and charters. The Shareholder must own the Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. stock at time of sailing.Offer is valid only for new reservations made on or after January 7, 2017. It may not be used toward onboard service charges or pre-purchased activities. Government taxes and fees are additional. Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, and/or Regent Seven Seas Cruises reserve the right to change or withdraw the offer at any time without notice, and are not responsible for typographical errors or omissions. Other terms and conditions may apply. Offer and combinability with other promotional offers is subject to change at any time per Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, and/or Regent Seven Seas Cruises discretion.
  7. Lacking common sense myself, I confess to being confused by this (and other wordings) used by Oceania. Usually O uses the term "sailing" (eg. 48 hours prior to sailing). Sometimes I wonder if it is deliberate and I ask my TA in writing for the Oceania interpretation.
  8. Thank you. if I have a complaint about O it is being deliberately obtuse on this and other matters. How easy it would be to say - “proof of share ownership must be submitted between 6 months and 1 month prior to sailing.” (for instance).
  9. We got a response from Oceania today. At first read it seems a bit contradictory but I suspect what they are saying is there is a window to submit this proof "???????????" days prior to 15 days prior to the cruise. Anyone know what that window is?
  10. The same except RBC - we sold a small property in Florida in US$ which we keep for travel when we need that currency.
  11. Since 2016 Oceania has been offering pricing in CAD. The price directly relates to the US price with the exchange rate adjusted quarterly. We have the option to pay the US price or the Canadian price at time of booking. The advantage of paying in CAD is we avoid the bank's 2.5% exchange fee. The prices on the cruise, OBC, excursions, gratuities and all onboard charges are in US dollars. Our billing comes out of Oceania Vancouver.
  12. Also Canada - the agency of our travel agent offered PPG on both legs of our Vista B2B voyage. An ad in the Globe and Mail made this offer to anyone booking Vista cruise.
  13. Does the same price differential that is between between Allura and Oceania ships; exist between Oceania and R ships?
  14. If you agree that Vista is designed to appeal to the US market, 50 somethings, rather than the retired, "older"folks then: don't these folks take shorter, closer to home cruises?
  15. Sorry Orv -- - should have quoted Flatbush Flyer, not you.
  16. Vista concept is more heavily skewed to the US market than any previous Oceania ship or class. What location would best serve the US market? Western Hemisphere?
  17. It wasn't until this marketing presentation to travel agents, that I realized that Oceania was trying to market Vista to the 50's age group. Like these: - redo of spa area - addition of a healthy food outlet - trading French cuisine for another steakhouse - Embers (description used in this marketing video) - adding an open kitchen specialty restaurant with a fast service option Vista bookings have been very slow. I booked Vista but am wondering.... Are there enough changes to attract this new demographic?
  18. Ours is a specific cabin but no show for Shareholder Benefit. We are both Canadian? Should not be this difficult.
  19. You did not ask but if you are going to leave the air on for now, O offers Premium Economy @ $149 - ($199 CAD) which is a decent deal. The offer is removed by O after quota is filled so, you can add it now and decide at final payment whether you want it or not. No financial obligation at this time.
  20. I have the same results as you. Did it ever show up anywhere that you can see it? Or did you have to ask TA to phone Oceania?
  21. Phone an Oceania Cruise TA and ask. They can answer all your questions and add value to your trip. Our TA gives us limo service to the airport plus prepaid gratuities. IMO - YES Decision on air does not have to be made at booking. You can drop it later - March 2023 - when final payment is due and you have researched air prices. All B and A cabins are identical on Riviera. Only location and amenities differ. Balconies differ. 7116 has an extended balcony so personally I would hold on to it!
  22. I agree. Direct price comparisons to similar routes of Marina and Riviera are missing that point. Personally I am very excited about Vista.
  23. I watched a new video and marketing presentation to a major cruise consortium about Vista. Oceania seems to be avoiding including Vista as an Oceania class but rather as Allura class ship. Items emphasized were: - increased staff to guest ratio - 1 : 1.5 - larger Verandah suites and Concierge suites - solo cabins - changed food experiences - Embers breakfast and lunch, Aquamar Kitchen with breakfast and lunch, Culinary dining room, Barista expansion and Bakery, hot breakfasts in any suite 24h - Aquamar spa - targeting a younger demographic The skeptic says it is a marketing ploy to justify increased fares. However comparing fares of Vista to Marina and Riviera for similar voyages may be missing the point. Oceania is trying to market these Allura ships as another level of Oceania Cruises. What do you think?
  24. ...and "approximately" on time.
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