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  1. I wish folks will give the cruise lines a break with their windows. The ships are being used 24/7 all year round, and have dry docking periods every three to four years. The windows are held in place by rubber, which decays over the years. Hint: Buy a tire and see what happens to it in seven years. You will notice even without driving the car, the rubber will crack and the tire won't hold air. The cruise lines address the issue with the next drydock, they don't address this issue every day.
  2. While you didn't request complicated stuff, most folks don't have a salad for breakfast. Since it isn't on the menu, it isn't readily available in the galley. The walk in coolers and freezers aren't just a few steps away. It is folks like you with their personal requests which delay service for the rest of us. Why not go with the flow and enjoy whatever fruit they have readily available? NCL doesn't advertise like Burger King have it your way.
  3. Isn't it amazing how so many college educated folks know absolutely nothing about plumbing? Usually a glass of water does the trick, but if folks don't like the smell of any room or cabin, they are free to use air freshener. They come in many different containers, I prefer the rear view mirror hang ups of the new car smell. It takes up so very little room in my wallet, much less a purse. Frankly I use one for used clothes in my bag. But we all know how many are, they would rather complain and make a mountain out of a mole hill.
  4. Europe has its professional pick pockets, and tourist attract them like flies. The key is to not keep your money in a wallet or purse. When I travel to Europe I wear a money belt hidden under my pants for all of my important valuables. Use your purse for make up and tissues type stuff.
  5. All forms of transportation can be affected by the weather, it doesn't matter whether you are flying, driving, or sailing. Get over it, or don't bother to travel.
  6. Usually from breakfast to around midnight. But they will close a pool from time to time to service the pool throughout the day and at night in the wee hours when everyone should be asleep. They will also close the pools in rough weather and rough seas. So nothing about the pools is final.
  7. There are reefs surrounding Bermuda, the passage taken has been cleared of reefs. Simply put the ocean is deep enough with the path they use.
  8. Think in terms of service related personnel aboard the ship get their fair share of the DSC. That fair share is decided by the cruise lines executive staff, and agreed to by the contracted service staff. The ship's professional/executive staff don't partake in the DSC. For example, a restaurant's management don't get tips, but their service personnel do.
  9. I never fly anymore. The thrill of flying is gone. I would rather take a train, bus, or drive there myself than fly. If the voyage is overseas, I cruise even if I have to take a freighter.
  10. NCL ships do change time for time zones, but not necessarily for each and every country when it comes to daylight saving time changes. The main rationale is that not every country makes the daylight saving time changes on the same day. Some do, and some don't even honor daylight saving time changes. It can be confusing. The ship will change time zones all of the time once during a cruise as it crosses the time zone. But the ship won't change time zones every night for every port of call. I hope this is clear. So be aware of the time on the ship and ashore every day and don't assume. When the ship does do a time zone change, you will be informed in the Freestyle Daily delivered to your cabin every night. The shore excursion folks are aware of any time discrepancies and will keep you informed, but if you strike out alone be aware of the correct time.
  11. Well, they are frozen. Cruise ships don't get fresh deliveries everyday. That is where the tartar sauce and malt vinegar enters the picture. :D
  12. The Jewel has always been based in Europe since her Pride of Hawaii days. As a part of her former American flagged compromise, she is restricted doing some cruises in US waters. If any NCL ship has kettles aboard, she would be the one.
  13. Unfortunately NCL had to kill that itinerary because the ship lost money doing it. Face it folks, there is a reason why most NCL itineraries are for one week, seven days. If NCL could do a reposition cruise in one week they would, but it takes more than one week to sail to Aruba and back to a different home port... Longer trips means more fuel burn which costs more, but passengers expect lower per day pricing for longer cruises. The ends don't meet.
  14. Gee,golly. Cruise lines and their passengers don't like rain. Captains proclaim during the meets and greets rain drives up negative complaints. It rains almost every day in the United Kingdom. We want sunshine and beaches.
  15. With the obstructed view cabins I have given up whether one cabin has more of a view than another. The important thing is the natural light which a inside cabin doesn't deliver. And if anything of value is worth viewing, the promenade deck is only one deck below, within a minute or so.
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