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  1. 7 hours ago, Mark_T said:

    The included perks do not show in the planner straight away, they usually unbundle them about a week ahead of your sailing date.


    They will be on the invoice though as you state.


    You can get Celebrity to unbundle them earlier though upon request.

    Thanks Mark_T, I didn't know that, seems a bit strange, I would think they would get a lot of calls about that, anyway at least I know now.



  2. 3 minutes ago, CruiseCrew123 said:

    Sounds like you may have bought a cruise only deal as if it included perks it would be in your confirmation 

    The drink package is listed on the invoice from the TA, I’ll give her a call next week. 


  3. Thanks for the info everyone, I've now booked my cruise but don't see anything about perks on the cruise planner. My cruise is still a long way off so I'm thinking all the details will come through later on, would this be right?



  4. 3 hours ago, helen haywood said:


    If you’ve never sailed Celebrity, just be aware that if you order a drink over the Classic Package price point of $9...you just pay the difference and 20% gratuity


    Wow that’s good to know, other lines would charge the entire drink price. 


    3 hours ago, helen haywood said:


    At any rate, if you do decide to upgrade onboard, select a bartender at a bar you plan on frequenting as you will make a friend.

    Good tip thanks. 


  5. Thanks or the info, it’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I wasn’t aware that both people don’t have to upgrade which might be handy and thanks for the tip about leaving it for a day  

    This will be my first Celebrity cruise and I’m already noticing some nice changes.  


  6. Is it possible to upgrade from the basic drink package that you get as a perk to the premium package without having to pay for the four perks?

    i thought I read somewhere that you can upgrade, you just need to pay the difference, approx $10 per day, can anyone confirm this?




  7. I like to book early so I can choose the cabin that I want.Normally i book through a travel agent who is able to match the price when the fare drops and also keep the same cabin, unfortunately the agent is no longer around and the other ones that I have approached cannot guarantee the same cabin. 
    I am after people's experiences when booking directly through Princess, my understanding is they will cancel and rebook at the lower fare but I don't know if you get to keep the same cabin. I have contacted Princess they said I'd keep the cabin but they were a bit vague about it which didn't inspire confidence. 
    I realise I'd lose whaterever perks the original booking had. 

    Thanks for any advise. 



  8. That is correct. You need to bring a Sharpie brand marker and mark your forehead after finishing each drink. Then count the marks at the end of the day while looking in the mirror.



    Btw: this method helps the bartenders too. 13 marks? You’re good for another!!



    Red or black sharpie!!


    Thanks not the answer I wanted but now I know.



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  9. I was going to get the drinks package and have a look at the end of my cruise if I came out ahead or lost money as I just presumed each drink would be added to you account with a $0 cost. After reading this thread If I understand it correctly that doesn’t happen and you don’t know how much you’ve had, is this correct?



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  10. Hey Thrak, Do you recall the app your using on your phone? It sounds awesome since we are flying in several days earlier then our cruise.




    If you are using an iPhone there are quite a few available, I’m using one called “countdown” which is good and free I think.



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  11. The prices have changed. From the Princess website:



    • $59.99 per person, per day^
    • Drinks including cocktails, wine, beer, bottled water, teas, fountain soda, specialty coffees and more.
    • Limited to individual beverages up to $12 each.




    Same Here, bottles of wine are now 25% off.




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