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  1. was on Kdam nov. 2018. coupon booklet (sheet of paper) with several offers. 1 offer which I took was: buy an 8 bottle wine package and get a free Pgrille dinner for 2. (It was $35 pp then), so saved $70. A very nice offer. Note: Pgrille staff was not aware of offer, so I had to take coupon and wine purchase receipt, and they did comp. the dinner!
  2. Ordered the cheese plate from room service one night when we missed dinner. I was really impressed with the terrific selection, quality and presentation. Also the filet mignonette from room service was outstanding.
  3. Thank you for your excellent, positive review. I commend you on your writing style and excellent grammar! Will be on Insignia soon, and appreciate the detailed descriptions provided, as well as your photos.
  4. Booked cruise thru TA. O website--> manage reservation --> beverage package --> O website will not let me buy either the select not the prestige package. Anyone know why?
  5. On cell phone: Boards...oceania...near top look for find your roll call... next screen another find your roll call link, it has a gold star to left... select it... next screen will have 3 search boxes: line, ship, month. Then just look for your date. Procedure on desktop site is different, but basically similar. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks Ricka47, excellent review. We are (were) very loyal to X, started in 1993, however, our last X cruise, Sept 2018 Can/NE on Summit, we did notice that everything had changed, not too bad, but everything of lesser quality, even the bathroom washcloths were paper thin. Service people and Purser's desk, just OK, Food was OK, but not up to the standards that we had come to expect on X. Newer pax probably would not notice anything. Agree with you that X prices have increased substantially over the last 1- 2 years. Was reluctant to try other lines, due to loyalty level -elite-, but when w
  7. Thanks Kimcheeboy, very professional videos, nice editing also. What camera are you using? Go-Pro ? Let me know the model. Thanks. We have stayed in cabin 6030, similar to yours. Not very large, but adequate. Refurb looks real nice. Thanks for your videos. Will be on Insignia soon, can't wait. The Terrace cafe for dinner looks really impressive. Have only done it 2 times on prior O cruises, usually eat in GRD or Specialties, and it looked alot better in your videos. Is the back deck always used for specials, like the fish display in your video, every night? Thanks.
  8. on O website --> Onboard experiences --> Explore our ships --> Insignia -- view ship details --> Cuisine tab --> then find your restaurant sample menus. They open in in a new window (PDF)
  9. If you want, you can read the menus on O website -- they open in a PDF -- where you can zoom in -- and see all the items very clearly.
  10. Hello Kimcheeboy, thank you for your excellent video tour. Can you tell me who the Cruise director is, and also, is Georgios (Greek) onboard in any restaurant ? We met him in 2016 on Regatta, and he really took good care of us. Thanks.
  11. Was on that Eurodam hawaii cruise -- it was the 1st time for the $10 extra entree charge, buried in fine print at bottom of menu. Was really put off by it. You could eat all you wanted at Lido, and even waste food, but no extra charge. We were travelling with good friends, real foodies, who sometimes got 2nd entree. They were 4 star but did not get the 50% discount. Happy to hear the test was dropped.
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