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  1. That’s truly disappointing and disheartening...passing the cost to the consumer because that means they are making us print the entire info ...so not only will it not look the same but the cost is ours.... and they expect everyone to have access online . Not happy!
  2. We simply asked a question...didn’t ask for a lecture instead. We have been on a cruise with Vero water (which was awful tasting by the way) but they didn’t make us carry around a bottle all day either or make us refill it. It was a choice. That was what we found puzzling calling it a refillable bottle. Thank you for your time and input.
  3. What does a refillable bottle mean? They are still giving you bottles of water when you disembark at each port correct? We don’t want a refillable one at all.
  4. We were on the Odyssey a few years ago on Halloween & there was a party at the Club...decorated with theme drinks & the staff was all in costume...singers, dancers and the CD. See photo
  5. Funny...that’s why they say different strokes for different folks. I had Leslie Jon on my 1st Oceania cruise & vowed never to return b/c I found it so boring as well as him..although he wasn’t around much. However, I do agree that his Fiddler was good & memorable..
  6. We just disembarked from Insignia on Sunday.. we asked for the LATEST departure possible as we live in Miami and were not in a hurry yet we were still off the ship by 9 am. No lines whatsoever. You could request early departure which was 8 am. Miami airport is just 15 mins away so you would be fine. We did Uber which took 5 mins to get there. Happy travels!
  7. Yes. But note (at least until last year) Uber was not an option within Monaco itself. The taxi union is strong & they have it blocked. Our hotel is in the Monaco area but right on the fringe. Our hotel told us to go to the extreme end of the hotel to be able to tap into Uber. So from Nice to Monaco, it may be a good option but not vice-versa...again at least until last year.
  8. Yes, if you are 4, I also agree that definitely a private transfer is the way to go. In our case, we are 2 and this is way less expensive. Note that we do not travel lightly and this is not an issue- this bus is super easy & drops you at the airport doorstep. Luggage is not a factor.
  9. We take a taxi (or our free hotel shuttle if staying in Monaco)..it is an express bus to /from Nice Airport, runs continuously thru the day and takes a little over 30 mins at around 20 Euros. Honestly, we have used it for the last 10 yrs and love it’s convenience.
  10. We have disembarked often in Monaco...yes there always are taxis at the port. However, they are not plentiful..you just have to wait at the taxi stand. In the past, we have been charged 15 Euros anywhere in town. For the Nice airport, we usually go to the Place de Armes and take a relatively inexpensive express airport bus. It is really great! Happy travels! Hi
  11. Great info..Thanks to both of you!
  12. Can you take wine gifted by Oceania to the Dining Room? TIA
  13. Thank you for your input! Now I know enough to pack my own!! You all are wonderful :-)
  14. Can someone who has recently cruised with or is currently cruising on the renovated Insignia advise if they have makeup mirrors (with magnification) on the desks? TIA
  15. Roccaforte ..agree with you on both points! Sirenuse is a fabulous place with drop dead views to boot. In Amalfi, we found a great restaurant ‘Da Gemma’ really close to the main square. Food, wine & service top notch.
  16. Can anyone advise as to the actual Welcome Champagne bottle offered to the Concierge level cabins? What champagne house is it? TIA
  17. Which is the model of the small travel flat iron? Thanks in advance!
  18. Agree. Montaudon is the cheap Champagne they tout at Total Wine, with inflated prices b/c you get it 20% off regularly as it is their supposed ‘winery direct’ wines. Definitely not a step up at all IMHO. Not happy & certainly not impressed.
  19. Understood if you haven't experienced it. No, we actually take the minimum to be under the one suitcase threshold. But having that walk-in closet is just like at home--you are more organized, have a space for everything and even a place to pop-in when they are coming in with your breakfast or.... your afternoon caviar & champs 😎🙂 Having space is a luxury just like the large standard veranda cabin itself and large bathroom 😉 Happy travels!
  20. Seabourn's all inclusive liquor is all-inclusive, 'including' wine with dinner and you could have any wine of the complimentary list with your dinner, or anywhere, including your cabin. My attendant knew which wines I liked and they were always stocked in my mini-bar and the servers knew as well. I also agree with the other posters on a couple of other items: Seabourn Square is quite special and the atmosphere it creates with the passengers, is as well. The other item is the walk-in closet which I also can't live without. It is my favorite part of the cabin (well aside from the large beautiful bathroom)...all that in a veranda suite.
  21. Having been on HAL, Oceania, Celebrity, Regent and Seabourn a few times, it was definitely on Seabourn where there was more ambience and a feeling of camaraderie...more of a family.
  22. There is lack of pretension on Seabourn ...it actually feels like you are part of a family
  23. Final payment for those of us on the original Cuba cruise was actually back in April. We had until close of business on 6/14 to accept the new itinerary (which was with St. Bart’s 😠 ) or cancel the cruise. See attached. 😎
  24. Deadline was last Friday June 14th. Ports were the only reason we booked this cruise to begin with (Cuba) and only stayed b/c St.Barts & San Juan..but just barely. Otherwise, we would have cancelled & cruised elsewhere.
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