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  1. Gotcha. Thank you for sharing that with me. I'm uninstalling now.
  2. The app that you downloaded in the Google play store is a joke. I can't even log in. Changed my password 3x! Is it not functional?
  3. We are super disappointed and currently looking at other options/cruises
  4. Good to know on the time differences. Thanks!
  5. Damn i just check, nothing available for our cruise day. Shoot this looks super fun!
  6. I'm following closely. We're looking for an excursion like this also on Oasis. Can you post the link of the tour you booked?
  7. I'm following closely. We're looking for an excursion like this also on Oasis. Can you post the link of the tour you booked?
  8. Thank you for your perspective and advice! We did plan for Barbados to be a beach day as well as St. Kitts.
  9. This sounds like a great idea. So it seems like it's a pretty easy port to get around. Yes we were booked to do the snorkel and island tour originally. I'm wait listed so hopefully something might open up for our day. The other islands are St. Maarten which I was able to secure the same bike tour through.. We're really looking forward to that. Also Grenada, St Kitts, St Lucia, Barbados, and Dominica.
  10. It's funny you mention St Thomas Scuba and Snorkel. I had a fabulous tour booked with them since June on the cruise I spent the last 9 months meticulously planning. Since I had a tour planned I didn't do further research, I was looking forward to experiencing the Port after our tour. Like you, this wasn't "just a cruise" for us. Then on Tuesday morning, late in the night my boyfriend's brother died unexpectedly. Our previous cruise was scheduled to sail today, the day of the funeral So I spent all of Wednesday dismantling 9 months of a 10 day cruise with another cruise line, scouring the internet trying to find something similar that would leave a few days later, so we can attend the funeral. I literally booked this at 5 or 6pm. While driving 10 hours to the home state I've been trying to do research with my cell phone. I considered us lucky that I was even able to find availability on this amazing new itinerary. The fact that it's even has the same ports was amazing. However as you stated STT Snorkel (who btw were gracious enough to extend full refund) had any availability for different days. So pardon my questions about this stop, this is not a careless last minute cruise, its a second choice so we can grieve with our family.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Seemed like a lot but I'm new..I appreciate a more experienced perspective.
  12. Hello and Thank you. Um, I'm unsure what I want to do as it's only my second cruise. This would be my first time to St Thomas and the Caribbean. So I am open for lots of suggestions. It sounds like you more seasoned cruisers don't think the level of the visitors should be a problem. That's great and its exactly why I actively ask questions, because I have no idea what to expect. Any suggestions you may have about things to see is greatly appreciated. TIA
  13. Hello, Yesterday we booked a cruise leaving this Sunday and one of the stops is to St.Thomas. I'm hearing there are 5 ships in port that day. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to do? I feel like it's going to be a mob scene everywhere. Should we even bother with trying to go to any of the beaches or maybe just hang out on the ship instead? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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