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  1. We had B8099 Vista Suite on a K'dam cruise last year. Both 8099 and 8082 are under storage rooms on the Lido, and we experienced noise from wheeled metal carts pretty much every night and early morning. This is apparently the storage area for the Lido kitchens. The two other end / corner rooms are under the carpeted dining area, so you should be fine there. We prefer to book on decks 7 or 6 if possible, but are OK with some 8th deck rooms. Just have to look at the deck plans. Still, there is no "bad" stateroom on a cruise.
  2. Denise, the wings are served at the NY Pizza. They have a few items they only serve as "movie" snacks from 9:00 to 12:00PM. Jim
  3. Very good review and pics. We were on the same cruise and agree with everything you said. Hope you were able to try the Grand Dutch Café and the NY Pizza. We love them. Great hot wings from 9 - 12 PM.
  4. On K'dam 11-13 to 11-24 and HH was from 3:00 - 5:00 everyday, all bars, buy one get 2nd for $2, same drink. Also had a few "sail a way" parties with a specific drink discounted a little.
  5. The remotes do not have a way to change the input port on the tv. I would think there would be other HDMI ports, but the tv is attached to the wall and there is no access to the back of the tv. No input ports on the sides that I could find. I have seen it suggested that you could bring a "universal" remote and it could be programmed to work with the tv. Good luck. Maybe call Ship Services at HAL for assistance.
  6. What she said. That is our plan as well. We board the K next Weds, so we'll see what they have for us. Not a big deal, just have to adjust a little.
  7. Just talked with HAL Ship Services. HAL is switching from plastic bottles to something else, maybe aluminum, and will contain a "European" version of Evian. Don't know what that means, and neither did the rep. The 6 and 12 bottle packs that have been for sale on the website are gone, and the new offering will be up soon. She said you can still purchase on board until stock runs out, then the new product will take over. Also, no more plastic straws!. If you ask for a straw, it will be a paper straw. Good for them. See 4ocean.com Ships water is as good as bottle water, IMHO, but to each his own. Sail on
  8. Thanks for keeping this up. It is very helpful when planning future cruises
  9. Printed out ours yesterday. Worked perfectly, quickly and was very easy to select. Nice to see an upgrade that A: worked! and B: was easy to navigate.
  10. Ann, thanks for the update. We will be boarding on the 13th and will enjoy the new Happy Hour rules. Appreciate any info you have time to share. Hope you have a fun and peaceful TA. Jim
  11. Dying to know if you got it. Neptune for sure, but the Signature is really great too. Fingers crossed for you.
  12. I believe they were installed at the last, and only, drydock Dec '18. Very welcome addition.
  13. Koningsdam will be arriving Nov 13th from Civitavecchia, so I'm guessing we may get the same email since we are boarding the 13th. We arrive at FLL around 11:00AM and have a HAL transfer booked. We might be waiting a while to get on board and get to the Bread Pudding!
  14. No. HAL now has their own gift cards. They have them at Kroger grocery stores in Georgia.
  15. Or, you could go shopping at the fine jewelry shops on board and spend 300 to 900 and get it done this trip. A lady never has too much jewelry!
  16. I recently noticed that there are no port of call stops at Antigua starting in 2020 except for one stop for the Volendam's March 22, 2020 sailing. Anyone know why HAL is no longer stopping there? Thanks, Jim
  17. Thanks for the Fleet Report. I see that we are neighbors. Gooooo Dawgs!!!! Jim & Kay (Athens native) Lawrenceville, GA
  18. One can only hope that they could end up in the big hot dog store! Big discount on cards they sell. We get 4 25.00 gift cards for O'Charley's restaurant for about 65.00.
  19. Have had the same perk through OPC. They said the cashier would have me on their "guest list" to get the free play money, but they never do. They casino manager has to "verify" with the home office before they will dish out the chips, so expect to wait until the next day. Be sure to take the email from OPC with you for verification. Good luck!
  20. Just to add to the very accurate info in Djptcp's post.... In my case, and I think most others, payment is due at time of booking on the Offers. Non-refundable unless you buy HAL cancellation plan. While I don't like Guarantee room assignment, Non-refundable and full payment at booking, it's still a great deal. Hope to stay on the list for future mailings. Could mean two cruises a year instead of just one! Jim
  21. On the last several cruises we have been on, HAL has offered a 25% discount at some or all of the specialty restaurants on embarkation night, and occasionally during the cruise. This is usually advertised with a small table tent on the Lido Market tables.
  22. I should have checked Kroger
  23. So far, our local Publix and Walgreen's in Georgia don't have them. Hoping to see the HAL cards soon. Be much easier in the future to answer the "what do you want for BD, Christmas, Father's Day, etc." question. Sure is easy to say "a HAL gift card" instead of "I don't know", "whatever", " I don't need anything".
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