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  1. That wasn't so bad, you only had to wait 2 weeks for the reimbursement when it would normally take a few moths sometimes.
  2. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this cruise. I love the itinerary (one of the few cruises that stops in Anguilla). One thing that would be nice to know once you get back is if the beach BBQ, which should be held the day that the ship is in Virgin Gorda, is held again at Prickly Pear Island North Sound as it had been moved to Spanish Town (not as nice as Prickly Pear) in late 2017 after beach infrastructure in the North Sound was severely damaged following hurricane Irma. Enjoy the cruise
  3. I agree, this must have been a glorious deck BBQ. Sailing out of Santorini at dusk, icing on the cake. On another note, there are also many great vineyards to visit in Santorini, most of which produce an amazing Vinsanto. Thanks for the feedback on this inaugural cruise. Sounds like it was pretty close to normal.
  4. They did offer a similar type of package when we got on board our last cruise in March 2020. I believe it was 7 wines for each package which had different price points i.e. budget, mid priced and higher priced and which came out to a 15-20% discount. We did not take any of them as it had very few of the wines we liked. If they don’t offer it, you should inquire
  5. Posted in Nov 2019 but essentially the same as it was on our cruise in March 2020. This will give you an idea of what’s included
  6. Thanks Jazzbeau, Really looking forward to get on the new expanded Star Ships. Hopefully Covid continues to improve and we can avoid a lot of the hassles of these first outings (i.e. only Windstar excursions, distancing etc). I have been shampooing with l'Occitane Toiletries for the last 2 months, that's how bad I want to get on!!! lol
  7. Beach BBQ will likely be in Virgin Gorda not Norman Island
  8. The lists and prices are very similar to what we had in March 2020 on the Windsurf so yes I would say they are up to date
  9. On the first question, max cost was $11 per drink last time we cruise in March 2020 and if the Lagavulin is $14.25, you will pay $14.25, not the difference if you bought the package. It is only worthwhile if what you like to drink is on the list As for the wine bottle packages, last time we cruised, they were offered on deck on boarding day. There were 3 packages at different price points i.e. one for wines around $30, one at $40 and one at $50. There was a mixture of red and white wines and I believe you had to buy 5 or 7 bottles
  10. And the free laundry is automatic on cruises of 2 weeks or more regardless if you’re a Yacht Club member or not
  11. Hopefully the Yacht Club free internet perk is not one of the watered down versions they offer at $60 and $120 but the same unlimited internet they have in the all in package
  12. SailMaine, I agree with you St-Thomas is not a great stop. We were on the cruise in Vieques when the shooting incident injuring a Windstar employee and resulting in the death of a local resident happened last November. Not sure I want to go back yet as the island has been devastated by hurricanes and it seems drug gangs are present on the island. Think I would like to go to Culebra instead (which they used to call on prior to Vieques and now St Thomas)
  13. As a result of the destruction caused by hurricane Irma in the BVI’s in 2017, Windstar moved the Yachtsman’s Caribbean stop in Soper’s Hole, Tortola to Roadtown and its North Sound/Prickly Pear Virgin Gorda stop and beach BBQ to Spanish Town/Fischer's Cove VG. Now that Soper’s Hole is back on the itinerary in the winter 2021, has anybody heard if they are also going back to the North Sound in Virgin Gorda so they can hold the BBQ on Prickly Pear Island. Prickly Pear much nicer than Fischer’s Cove
  14. gnld, I believe the decision to remove the casinos from all of the ships was taken in October 2018, slightly before the announcement of the company’s $250mm stretch program. The casinos have since been taken out of the 3 sailing ships and none were planned for the stretched ships. Having been on several Windstar cruises, I can confirm, these facilities seldom saw customers, even on the larger Windsurf which explains why they took them out.
  15. I would go with Wind Spirit for Tahiti simply because of the sails and the 148 pax capacity vs 312 for the Breeze (not that 312 is a lot). Suites are bigger and nicer on the Breeze if that's what you like but you're never in the room anyways.
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