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  1. My husband and I will be in Progreso in less than two months. We definitely plan on getting off of the ship while there, but we're having a hard time finding an excursion that we're excited about. What have you enjoyed? Sell me on your favorite excursion or adventure! :) *We do not drink and do not enjoy sitting around on a beach all day, so the all-inclusive resort excursions are probably not for us.
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    Amazing race

    How did your children get to Paradise Beach? My understanding is that Amazing Race utilizes taxis to return contestants to the pier. Did your children ask their driver to take them to Paradise Beach instead, or did they ride back to the pier and find another taxi? I apologize if my questions seem trivial, but I want to have a plan ahead of time so we can squeeze in as much beach time as possible after our race. :)
  3. Thank you for all of the recommendations! :)
  4. First time cruiser, here. . . . We will be doing the Amazing Cozumel Race from 10 AM-4 PM, but our ship does not depart until 6 PM. Does this allow for beach time? If so, can someone recommend a nice (probably nearby) beach and the best way to get there? FYI, the race is through San Miguel and, based on a review I read, at the end of the race a taxi is provided to take participants back to the cruise terminal. Also, if we do go to a beach, by what time should we be back at the cruise terminal?
  5. Thank you for your fast response!
  6. The OBC that I have was a promotional deal through Carnival when I booked the cruise through Carnival's website.
  7. If I do not prepay gratuities, will my OBC go towards the gratuities once they are applied to my account? I am hoping my OBC will help cover the cost, but the Carnival representative I spoke with seemed unsure.
  8. In Carnival's email about the Liberty/Valor rebooking, they said they anticipated all rebookings to be completed by the end of November. I haven't received an email confirming a rebooking and my August cruise is not showing up in my itinerary. The only follow-up email I have received said that my shore excursion has been cancelled. Anyone else still waiting to have their room rebooked on the sister ship?
  9. I'm interested in seeing Dzibilchaltun and then going to Merida for lunch and a little shopping. Both Carnival and Autoprogreso offer a combo tour, but neither make it clear as to whether or not there is time for shopping in Merida or if it's simply a guided historical tour. Has anyone been on either of these excursions? Is there time for shopping/exploring on your own? Any other info you can provide about either excursion will be appreciated!
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