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  1. Thank you! The first one I found but didn't find very helpful, the second one I clearly did not scroll down far enough, and idk why but it didn't dawn on me to Google for HMC. I didn't think a private island would have much info. Thank you, I'll continue to utilize Google. 🙂
  2. Our first cruise was in early Oct from Long Beach to Catalina Island and Ensenada and back. Our upcoming cruise is early May from Miami going to Nassau, Half Moon Cay, and Grand Turk.
  3. Thank you. That's good to know there's a difference as I'll be on Carnival.
  4. I did a search before posting and didn't find much but since you seem sure I searched again for "Half Moon Cay" and "HMC" and did not find many answers to my questions. I found there are cabanas and clamshells for rent and a drink package for $25 but nothing mentioned shops or souvenirs, anything beyond 2 places to eat (so I think that's it), no mention of water rentals (except another comment from you telling the OP to look elsewhere b/c it's talked about all over), only a couple pics (one of 2 ships and one of an octopus), no maps, no videos. The search for "Half Moon Cay" actually brought up 3 pages of items most about cabanas, clamshells, and snorkeling. Unless I don't know how to search there's not anywhere near as many details about Half Moon Cay as you say.
  5. Hello! Is there any place to buy souvenirs or do shopping here? I'm guessing not but want to double check. I read you can rent a float as well, like just something to lay in the water on. What else can you rent? How much are they? Are there restaurants? If there's only one place does everyone just go back to ship to eat? I'd think the line would be long if there's only one place for food and drinks. I'm trying to get a feel for what it's like and what to budget for and I'm having problems finding much info. Thanks for any info! 🙂
  6. Thank you very much! I was just thinking the patch because I've heard that works really well. I'll look into some other, less drastic, options. :) I do have some time yet before our cruise. I'm not a senior, yet, I'll be 40 when we go on the cruise, but still good info to have. I did try something prior to the ginger tablets, but it made me very drowsy and was likely too late. From the bit of research I've done already it seems the key is taking it the morning of or day before you set sail. I love your idea to try it out before, that's smart. ;) I appreciate your help!
  7. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and tips. I was not expecting to get seasick so I was completely unprepared and don't want to make that mistake again! I've been on boats before so I figured if I can handle a boat on a lake/river then this should be fine. Boy was I wrong! Lol.
  8. I took the forward cabin for the view, it's a scenic ocean view so the window is floor to ceiling pretty much. When I asked the Carnival rep I mentioned my concern and she said with the patch I'll be fine and the room won't be an issue. I've never actually been on the front of the ship much (our last cruise was 6 yrs ago) so I just wasn't sure. I've heard certain areas are better than others but I have yet to read how it compares with/without the patch or other aids.
  9. @Essiesmom and @BillB48 Thank you so much for your input. I've booked a 5 day Eastern Caribbean with Carnival to use those credits and will be booking our Panama trip through Princess and going through the Historical locks. 🙂 We also get an additional stop using Princess, so it's a win-win.
  10. On my first cruise I got seasick. The ginger tablets from the medical area helped A TON, but sadly by that time it was the end of day 3 of our 4 day cruise. Our upcoming cruise is 5 days and we booked a ocean scenic view which is at the front of the ship. The Carnival lady who booked it for me said if I have the patch (which I plan on getting) I should be fine. Can anyone confirm? What are good ways that you fight the seasickness and still enjoy all aspects of the ship? I'm hoping it's not going to be too difficult to get the patch from my Dr but I've never done this before so...I'm a bit nervous. I guess if all else fails I'll just be popping ginger pills like candy! Lol.
  11. I found a cruise with Princess that uses the old locks but it's in April of 2021 and they currently only have cruises up to March 2022 posted. Do you think it would be best to wait until the rest of the 2022 cruises are posted and go with Princess (assuming they are still going to be offering the historical locks)?
  12. Thank you so much! This is a BIG vacation for us and I don't want to have any regrets...or as few as possible. [emoji4] Sent from my HD1925 using Forums mobile app
  13. We are looking at cruising with Carnival b/c their dates matched up better (Sept 2022) and I have some cruise credit and on board credit. I've been reading a lot though and others mentioned Holland or Princess are the top lines to cruise with for the Canal cruise. Neither have dates available yet for Sept 2022 and I don't know if they will (current calendars don't show any sailings in Sept). I already asked off work for that specific time frame and I will be getting my answer tomorrow. Maybe I jumped the gun here and should have done more research before asking for that time off but with our credits I didn't even think twice about looking elsewhere. 😞 Am I going to regret it now? We're looking at getting a suite or balcony since there are so many Sea Days. It starts in Seattle and the stops are Cabo, Huatulco, Puntarenas, and Cartagena with it ending in Miami. Thanks!
  14. Ah...I see now. I think I want to do full; that's what I was initially imagining anyways.
  15. I'm considering our next cruise a nice long trip through Panama Canal. Our first cruise was years ago and 4 days long from Long Beach. I also got seasick so this time I would get the patch and stock up on ginger tablets. Lol. This one would be 14-17 days. I was considering Sept of 2022. I'm also thinking of leaving from (and returning to) Galveston since we're in the Phoenix area. It would be me and my son who will be 20/21 at the time. Do you think Sept is a good time to go? When did you go and what was your experience? What places did you see and is a 'must see' again or a 'definite skip'? Any tips or thoughts would be great!
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