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  1. I just booked a sailing on the Bliss roundtrip Seattle. Airfare from NYC would have been $305 at the absolutely lowest, and the fare isn't flexible at all- no changes even with fees. I would have to pay at least $100 more for that flexibility, which I was worried about after sailing the Epic in February that arrived in Orlando late enough to miss my flight. With the Reduced Airfare promo, NCL charged me $199 for JFK-SEA round trip, and an additional $25 to arrive 2 days early so I can attend a friend's baby shower. I'm happy with this rate since its obviously a pretty decent savings on what I expected to pay just to get there for the baby shower. I'm 65 days out, so should receive itinerary any day now. So far, I'm pretty pleased, so lets just see what itinerary I get!
  2. This process is so nerve wracking, and you and Jamie and the whole thread have been keeping me sane. I'm loving the solidarity... even though I'm kind of happy Jamie got rejected because it seems like she has a sick balcony already.
  3. NOOOO! I was rooting for you! now you're making me wonder if I should bump up my offers...
  4. Jamie? Mwolever? Have you guys heard back yet? I'm at the edge of my seat here!
  5. Thanks mwolover and Jamie for keeping us updated. I'm at the 11 day mark, and am waiting and rooting for both of you, knowing I'll follow your process maybe a week after. The waiting has gotten so bad, that I have dreams about this upgrade process now- then wake up and check my phone to make sure that it was all a dream!
  6. Thank you, thank you! Super helpful 🙂
  7. Thanks for sharing this! Do you remember which apps you used? I tried to call NCL customer service and they were ZERO help at all 😞
  8. I LOVE how savvy you are- seriously impressive! I actually didn't fully realize it was managed by a third party. I would guess that NCL uses Plusgrade's system to process and organize the bidding, but they make the decisions internally? Or is it fully managed by Plusgrade? I'm 17 days out from my cruise and anxiously watching inventory and trying to strategize this process. So its definitely on my mind 🙂
  9. Fully agree- but I think the piece of the puzzle that no one is considering is Latitudes status and history of onboard spend. Assume Person A bids $300 and Person B bids $100. Person A has been on 1 cruise previously. On this cruise, they took advantage of all included amenities and had little to no onboard spending. Person B is booked on their 5th cruise. On all previous cruises, they're known to take advantage of specialty restaurants, and shop alot in the boutiques onboard. Yes- Person A has the higher bid, but Person B is a more valuable customer to NCL because they're likely to continue to cruise with them and spend onboard. I would guess that Person B would be awarded the upgrade. This is pure speculation- but we can't limit the bidding to JUST your bid because there are plenty of other factors at play.
  10. Just did a mock booking, and it looks like the sailing is almost completely full. Everything is either a Sail Away or a Guarantee, so can't see how many empty rooms are left. Still super interesting... have a fabulous trip!
  11. I'm on the 2/09 Epic sailing. I've tried to do a bunch of mock bookings to check availability, and it looks like the ship is mostly sold out except for Getaway Balconies and Mini-Suites, so I can't really gauge how much inventory is left. Haven is totally sold out, so it looks like opportunity to upgrade people there is limited. Does anyone have advice on how to determine what the odds are in the scenario? I'm hoping for an upgrade, and definitely want to put my best foot forward in the bidding process- but it might be totally moot since this seems like a full sailing.
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