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  1. I cancelled my cruise just days before NCL cancelled all their cruises so I have to use my credit by March of 2021on a booking. I just dropped it all on a cruise in late 2022. I figure if things get back to normal in 2021 I can move to an earlier cruise. For me, it's a better strategy than the constant rebooking
  2. That's a great video - Thank you for sharing! Still a bit iffy on the cabin but it does get us into the Haven! K
  3. Hi Everyone, We are looking at booking a Haven spa cabin on the Escape for 2022. It is the cheapest option for the Haven but the room seems really crowded with the big tub in it. How much space does it take up? I don't think we will use the tub but moving up to the next Haven cabin is currently $1500 more. Is the tub a nuisance? We are concerned about cabin space Thanks! K
  4. Thanks everyone, not a big deal, I was just curious! K
  5. Thank you Is there an internal staircase or do we have to exit the Haven cabin area on deck 16 and re-enter the Haven on deck 17? K
  6. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of booking a Haven spa cabin on Deck 16 of the Escape. Is there access to the main Haven area from this deck or do we have to go to deck 17 to access dining/pool area? Thanks! K
  7. Thank you for posting pictures of the sofa bed chair! I haven't been able to find any pictures of it online and was curious if the the "bed" would work size-wise for a teenager. I will request extra toppers for it...
  8. Thanks! It does look wide enough. Hopefully with a pad it will be comfortable!
  9. Hello everyone I am considering booking a H5 Penthouse cabin in the Haven and have questions about the bed for one. I know it is a sofa chair that converts to a bed, but is it a full size single bed and will it hold a teenager comfortably? Thanks! K
  10. We traveled from a Disney hotel to the port in March and found the best way was via Uber. It was about $100 for Uber XL for 3. There are not many other options unless you backtrack through MCO or use a car service such as Mears ( we were quoted $180 back in March).
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