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  1. The only noise we heard was the toilets flushing. Sounded like thunder lol
  2. And they all were absolutely amazing including our steward and butler!
  3. We also got off the Bliss today! We were in the Haven so we were floored by the beauty of this ship! The forward elevators are terrible!!!! That was my only complaint about the ship if anything. We had such a great time.
  4. We just got off the Bliss in the Haven Forward facing penthouse. It was a dream! We felt so spoiled and everything is absolutely gorgeous. The Horizon lounge is awesome. We watched whales for hours in there.
  5. From what I can gather, looks like at Guest Services. I don’t think it is one for our cruise because it is COLD. Would be super nice for warm weather cruises
  6. They have Pumpkin Spice and they take gift cards or your Starbucks app!!!!
  7. We are currently aboard in a Haven connecting stateroom and having the time of our lives! We feel extra swanky in the Haven and definitely spoiled. We cannot figure out how some other posts had so many complaints. The food it amazing, the ship is gorgeous and the staff is perfect! We have a butler, the nicest little lady ever! The ship has so many little nooks and areas to appeal to all audiences and break up crowds. The only truth that remains, yes the elevator situation stinks! Takes forever! Shoot us some questions and we will try to answer!
  8. We ended up booking 9706 back in June. It doesn’t have the best view from the window in the master bedroom but oh well. We were in a balcony and my mom was in a single room so we all went in together to get into the Haven. We have more than enough space for us. See ya on the ship!
  9. We are sailing the same cruise and it looks like we will be expecting rain. It gets chilly! Even on sea days the wind is cold. I would wear shorts. I wore a dress one day to dinner and was really cold.
  10. We loved it so much we are sailing agian this Saturday. Fully expecting rain rain rain! You actually have to go out and do some excursions to really take in Alaska. We went kayaking and had humpbacks, orcos and sea lions in the bay with us! If that doesn’t do it for ya then I don’t know what will! We personally hate the beaches and ocean stuff. We live near the beach so we choose differenr climates to vacation.
  11. The hot water is to kill the bacteria in the formula powder, that can easily get contaminated by the scoop. As a lactation consultant, I must say that this is a very important step to decrease the risk of having a very sick baby. The bacteria they can catch from unsanitary formula preparation is very dangerous.
  12. We are also on the last Bliss sailing in September. Cannot wait!
  13. Thanks for the review. We sailed the Pearl 2 years ago to Alaska and loved it. We are sailing BLISS soon to Alaska again and we know we will love it just as much. We are in Haven so we cannot go wrong.
  14. Do not be worried. People are so spoiled and ungrateful and just love to complain. We sailed a few years ago on the Pearl, a much older ship, smaller and showing wear, but we had the time of our lives! We are simple and loved everything and the food is very good. Of course the buffet is hit or miss but every meal we had in the main dining or specialty was served hot and tasted great! The drinks were great and our room was always clean. I am expecting the Bliss to be crowded because it is a mega ship. We know that going in. We will make the best of everything else.
  15. Just curious, is there a cut off to purchase the beverage package prior to sailing?
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