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  1. Wifi was only available in the hotel lobby but it was included in the price.
  2. Casino is open, but because of Texas state laws cheers and DOU are not available until the following morning
  3. We stay at the Hampton Inn/Brickell, Shuttle to the port and a Publix nearby, plus some good restaurants within walking distance.
  4. If you are Platinum, to disembark early do you have to self assist or can you put your luggage out by your door the night before?
  5. Just booked 2 Ultra cruises, here is a list we had to pick from: Sept 28, 8 days on the Magic Oct. 12 7 days on the Vista Oct. 19 7 days on the Conquest Oct. 26 7 days on the Vista, Conquest and Sunshine Nov. 2 14 days on the Breeze Nov 9 7 days on the Vista and Miracle Nov. 16 8 days on the Horizon Dec. 8 7 days on the Glory Dec. 14 7 days on the Breeze We chose chose Oct. 12 and Nov. 16, prices were discounted a little bit, plus the fun money, DOU and the gift, it's better than paying the rack price.
  6. We are in our early sixties and felt quite safe, we walked to an Italian Restaurant and ate dinner and walked back around 9:30 or so, about 3 blocks from the hotel, seemed like there were quite a few tourists around. There was also a nice bar right beside the hotel that we stopped into before heading to bed.
  7. Last cruise in Jan. we ended up going to Cozumel twice, we originally had planned on going to Nachi Cocom on our first stop but was offered a free Carnival excursion on a Catamaran to Passion Island along with some other premier cruisers...we took it, a shuttle boat to the island, one food server, one bartender, not near enough loungers, enough said. My wife and I agreed we'd rater had paid for Nachi than go to Passion Island for free. So we miss our port in Roatan and it's announced that we are headed back to Cozumel. Tried to get reservations for Nachi but internet was so bad, with everyone scrambling to find something to do in Cozumel, never could get through, settled for Occidental Barcelo, day pass. Don't think we will be going back there again, nothing horrible but just not that good. We found out later some other people just showed up to Nachi, as they could not make reservations either and were allowed in. Nachi is so much better.
  8. Last Oct. we stayed at Hampton Inn Brickell, fits your criteria, except I don't believe they offer shuttle from the airport, we used Uber. They do shuttle to the Port and breakfast is included along with a free drink per person. Lots of great restaurants within walking distance.
  9. My wife and I were on the Horizon a couple of months ago and we always go the first night to the Steakhouse for the 50% off any bottle of wine. As the hostess was taking us to our table, a table of 8 rather large humans were wearing swim trunks, tank tops and flip flops. As we were seated I inquired as to the dress code...the hostess told me that they hadn't received their luggage yet. I responded "All 8 of them, what a coincidence". She rolled her eyes and apologized. So who knows what the dress code is on the first night? I don't. BTW-this was at 8:00
  10. My wife and I were on the Freedom a couple of weeks ago and ate twice at the Steakhouse. We had reservations (around 8:00) on the first and last nights and they were not even half full.
  11. We were on the same cruise, once they announced that we were returning to Cozumel we attempted to get reservations at Nachi, their site (after 30 minutes trying to get online, internet was horrible even with the premier package) said they were sold out for that day. Tried Mr. Sanchos, same thing. Went to the Occidental instead, not impressed.
  12. My wife and I were there this past Thursday on a day pass. We were not impressed. Water was murky, unable to find one lounger on their beach area, many were occupied but most had towels draped on them. We ended up at the pool, which was fine. The food was so so, not much of a selection (buffet style). Once we flagged down a bar waiter, he was good at bringing our drinks. We prefer Nachi Cocom, but since we had missed our stop in Roatan the day before(too windy to port) the ship was able to stop again in Cozumel, but too late to get reservations at Nachi. We have done many day passes in the Carribean and this one was our least favorite. However there were not many kids there and there was a separate adult pool. There was only a limited number of cruise guests at the resort (you could tell by the wrist bands).
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