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  1. I think the CC Loyalty program will continue with new tiers of cruise levels. I think the OBC will show up at maybe 50 cruises gets 25 bucks and every 10 after it goes up another 25 bucks. The new change will be 50 gets 25 bucks, 60 gets 50 bucks ,70 gets 75 and 80 will be for 100 dollars.
  2. When we cruised the canal in 2019 the ships that were north of us going from Caribbean to Pacific that went through the new locks stayed north and diverted to the new locks for the Pacific and I do not think they go under any bridge .
  3. Emily Rauhala April 23, 2021 at 6:34 p.m. PDT FORT ERIE, Ontario — Here in this border town just across the Niagara River from New York state, televisions carry stations from Buffalo. In recent weeks, the news from the U.S. side has been somewhat irksome. In Erie County, N.Y., everyone 16 years of age and older became eligible for a coronavirus vaccine this month. On the Canadian side, meanwhile, inoculations have been mostly limited to people 40 years and older, Indigeno
  4. The staggering COVID-19 case numbers in the United States may have seemed like a world away compared to Canada's relative caseload for most of the pandemic, but recent statistics show the growing severity of the situation on this side of the border. Friday, April 9 marked the first day since the early days of the pandemic in March 2020 that Canada averaged more confirmed cases per million people than the U.S. The running graphic from Our World in Data — which uses statistics from Johns Hopkins University to juxtapose the seven-day average number of cases in both countries — showe
  5. SsWe do not have a southern border for the USA that has any security. We are right now spending 60 million a WEEK , Yeah that's 240 MILLION A MONTH to process the tens of thousands of people entering the USA Southern border ILLEGALLY. We have 16 ports of entry along the border but that is for legal entry. The current administration under President Biden is importing covid at a rate of 10% positive cases from the ones we do test. They are then being bused all across the country to spread the Virus. We have over 16,000 children under the age of 16 being "housed" in detention for processing. We
  6. Do you live in the USA? Do you understand the US tax code ? A company in US ordering from a US company any goods or services will be taxed accordingly. If you order a drink package on embarkation you pay US sales taxes. If you wait to sail you can eliminate those taxes. Your understanding of doing business is incorrect. The difference of the Federal Government (CDC) discussing a vaccine passport and the states rights are in conflict of our Constitutional amendments of states rights. We are 50 separate governments that are united in one Nation. The Vaccine is an emergency executive order and
  7. OTTAWA — Canada's race for Covid vaccines quickly exposed a flaw: It lacked the capacity to produce any. The absence of domestic manufacturing forced the Trudeau government from the get-go into a global . So far, Canada has had to rely entirely on over-burdened foreign supply chains for a Covid vaccine rollout that has lagged international peers, including the United States. competition to attract drug producers to the country’s shores. The biomanufacturing scarcity in Canada has highlighted the health risks of foreign dependence as well as the political ones. Prime Minister Justin
  8. Cruise ships have foreign flags, they are NOT US businesses. They are only in port to drop off passengers and pick up new ones. The ship is then sent to open waters and they pay taxes to a foreign country for operating under that flag. The HQ are just administration offices and those employees are either citizens or work with visas. If the ships were US businesses we would not need to stop in Mexico or Alaska out of the west coast when the company does Hawaii or Alaska from US ports.
  9. 1992 our first Alaskan Cruise on thr Regal
  10. Thanks for appreciating the Jump Jet.I was with them for 3 models A B and C.I deployed with VMA 311 VMA 214 and VMA 513 all Harrier squadron's. They provide a unique element for delivering ordnance in ground support operations.
  11. I saw AF 1 on the tarmac a couple times. I got to fly in HMX 1 Helicopters when training in Quantico, Virginia
  12. The C-130 aircraft used by the US Navy Blue Angels is called Fat Albert. I served my 1st tour of duty with VMGR -352 and VMGR -152 and we called our C-130 squadron Fat Albert Airlines . I manifested over 2,000 flight hrs with these 2 squadrons before being assigned new orders. I became a Chemical, Biological Defense Officer and then an Aviation supply Officer for AV8 Harriers to finish my 21 yrs of service USMC.
  13. Corporate tax rates are expected to increase, printing 5 trillion dollars will lower the US dollar purchasing power, future oil prices are increasing from reducing production, the looming possibility of inflation. The business model has been suspended for over a yr without revenue. The companies financials have been under a stressful burn rate that has disrupted all reserve accounts. The business model must be tinkered with to sustain profitability and build back the reserves. The revenue is still not coming in for months to come. I am impressed the company is still going strong with mark
  14. The more insurance I have the better I feel. We have purchased insurance for all our cruises and that is 83 times each just for Princess. We used the insurance policy a few times for cancellations and received all our money except the price of insurance. We had 2 cruises planned in 2020 and we called our TA and cancelled both when we were aware of the Covid virus on the Diamond. Insurance is a good thing .
  15. cruise wonderland that bridge does not look like the old bridge . We did the 19 day RT LA Panama Canal in April and Nov of 2018 and we did the Island and Coral and both times when we headed back out to the Pacific the ships that were to wide for the old locks were diverted to the new lock north of us . They did not go under the same bridge as we did which is the old bridge. I think I saw cement in you video and the old bridge is all iron and it is so old it looks completely black
  16. The canal has new locks and the new entrance for the Pacific ocean is north of the old locks and therefore NO BRIDGE to go under. When the ship comes from the Caribbean side it gets diverted tot he north after the last locks at Mira Flores and heads out to the pacific. The new locks are for every ship and no restrictions at all
  17. The other unknown is how long does it work.
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