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  1. Don’t feel weird, I happened to be a younger person and I do use a walker occasionally as I’ve had back surgery and I have severe drop foot now. Last time we went to the airport to catch our cruise, I pushed my walk her through the airport took it to the gate got a gate check ticket, and they put it underneath for me when we got on the plane and gave it back to me when we got off. Very easy



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  2. No it does not have a tender port. It has a beautiful pool area that is free to use and there are several activities that you can do that they charge for. You can also zip line for a fee I think it was $20 for the day. They also have two waterslides that you are allowed to use also



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  3. Congratulations on the adoption of your son. I certainly understand what it is like to adopt a child although we adopted internationally. We had lots of paperwork issues once we arrived home right down to when we tried to get her it’s a social security number, the company told us that she never got off the plane in DC. Just a mixup and paperwork her paperwork never left the desk it was sitting on but it took quite a while to get all the paperwork figured out and then we got her a passport. We have traveled numerous times with her with her passport on cruises. Although I still find myself carrying copies of the adoption

    Decree, her previous birth certificate and also her current birth certificate.

    Adoption is such a wonderful experience for those of us that choose to set our sights on taking that journey with the such a special child. Congratulations again



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  4. and if it had money left on it, would your room steward steal yours? How would anyone know if there was money on it?




    We had friends that didn’t use an old gift card and just used a rewards card from a local restaurant and the room steward did take it because they left the lights on while they weren’t in the room



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