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  1. It has been asked what to do when you see someone licking the serving spoon then putting it back? May I suggest you say in a louder than usual voice to someone who appears to be right behind the offender, "That's funny. (pointing at someone leaving the area) That kid with the sore on his lips and the runny nose did exactly the same thing!" Then, tell staff.
  2. 1. Change the service in the buffets to being served cafeteria-style like on HAL as opposed to the buffet with people touching food. Could help a lot with Noro. 2. Help the DJ's evaluate their crowd. While I grew up with music of the 60's and early 70's, I realize time didn't stop there. However, more than once we have been on a Princess cruise with a DJ playing boompa-boompa tunes to an empty dance floor. I asked if he could play some Stones, Doobie Bros, Motown or R&B. He did and the dance floor filled up. When the song was done, he went back to the boompa-boompa and the dance floor was again empty and many left the venue. Lost drink sales.
  3. Hi. We are cruising with a couple of friends who haven't cruised that much or recently. They asked what beers, gin, whiskey were available on HAL and for ballpark prices for beer, shots and mixed drinks. I told them I didn't remember but I know where to ask. Thanks. Cheers.
  4. I also got the burger and beer special by the pool on our last Princess cruise. What impressed me most most was the time it took to get the burger and the delivery. It took over half an hour to get the burger. It was delivered by a server wandering around the pool deck with my burger asking pretty much everybody but the guy waving at him if this was their burger. Just order a cheeseburger. Cheers
  5. A few years back, several couples and friends from church (19 people) decided to go on a MR Princess cruise over Halloween. The arrangement was: We will see you at dinner. We had 2 large tables and you have to rotate every night so you aren't sitting with mostly the same people. If we see you around the ship, we may have a libation or two. Most of the groups followed my bride and I in PV to our favorite bars and restaurants but there was no plan. It worked out well. I have a friend who just returned from a large family cruise where they tried to do everything together. He told me, "Never again!" Cheers
  6. I understand. On our last Princess cruise, I went to an outside bar while DW went to a cooking show. Watching the waves, listening to the ocean with an adult beverage is certainly at the top of my love-to-do list. Then the music came on. It seemed to be the long, loud, Caribbean version of "Send me the pillow that you dream on." After about 20 minutes, it became clear the song was on a loop. We asked the bartender if he could call someone and tell them. He said it wasn't his dept. Later, we went to Skywalkers for dancing after dinner. The DJ was laying loud boompa boompa sounds. The dance floor was empty. I watched as several people walked into the lounge and turned away. Those who stayed were overwhelmingly boomers like me. I asked if he could play some Motown, Rolling Stones, Doobie Bros or something like that. I forget what he played but it was from that era and the dance floor was crowded. He then went back to the boompa boompa sounds and most of us left.
  7. We've done both cruises (though not B to B) and can highly recommend them. Putting them together sounds like a great plan. Cheers
  8. Before each cruise to Alaska, we each read (and re-read) James Michener's, "Alaska". While it is historical fiction, it gave us a greater appreciation of this wonderful land, its history, wildlife and its people. Cheers.
  9. Did the 10 day Alaska out of SF last August on the Grand. We loved it. This was our third time to Alaska. The ship is older but very well kept up. The crew are easily some of the best we've experienced in our 60 cruises. The food was good to very good. The on board naturalist and totem carver were exceptional. And cruising under the Golden Gate is always magic. We haven't gone to production shows in several years. The staff game shows were a lot of fun. I'm trying to convince my blushing bride that we should do it again this year. Cheers
  10. We went to the Marriot in the marina last week. Been there before. Had a great day. Paid about $37 each and got $30 food and beverage credit each. $10 cab fare to and from ship. Cheers
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