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  1. Yesterday, my wife said, "Let's go down to the International Cafe." Today when I was on the computer, she asked, "Are you booking a cruise?" Cheers
  2. We are Elite on Princess and have cruised over 60 times on different lines. We decided to try HAL a couple of years ago. We've cruised HAL twice. We found HAL to be a bit more sedate but not terminally so. We thought the food was much better than our last few Princess cruises and appreciated that buffet food was served rather that watch untrained passengers handle food, serving utensils and occasionally licking their fingers. I suspect this is the future of cruising. We thoroughly enjoyed the BB King and Lincoln Center musicians and some of the nighttime entertainment. Ou
  3. My home phone seems to constantly change and my home airport gets deleted. I corrected, saved and frequently get the same results. Phone for help.
  4. Thanks, Pam. I want to my TA be able to pull the trigger on July 6.
  5. This is the itinerary that I got. I would love to know the pricing. https://static.cdn.responsys.net/i2/responsysimages/content/princessus/RT_LAX_ALASKA.pdf
  6. VMax, while I agree with you regarding passenger talent shows and karaoke, I just move quickly along to another venue and let them have their fun. By the way, my wife and I enjoyed a wonderful day in Cork pre-Covid topping off the evening at the Oliver Plunkett. Their Happy Hour started at 4 pm on Fridays. A brilliant idea. We brought that tradition home and have encouraged its spread. Slainte.
  7. Watching as well. We were supposed to go last month. Now we are scheduled on July 3 our of LA. Cheers
  8. GeoHerb I just asked my DW. She remembers staff coming by with trays of vegetables for us to choose a be served from. I can't wait to safely get back to sea. Cheers
  9. You are right. I hadn't seen that. I do wonder why recommendations could have changed so much. In the paper I posted, they conclude that masks were at best "useless" and at worst "a health risk". They never were described as being effective or helpful. I was given this today from a retired physician. Cheers
  10. Yep. And crab nachos and Alaskan Amber beer in the restaurant!! Cheers.
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