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  1. The water in my in ground pool was sloshing around back and forth like the ship pools in a slight swell ..... and I am 15 km from the ocean so there is that ..
  2. This may very well be the first time we see the entertainers getting around the ship on mobility scooters!!! ......... just joking 😄
  3. 37 nighter from Southampton to Singapore via the Med, Suez Canal and UAE .......
  4. We have one of those electronic photo frames that cycles though images kinda like a powerpoint presentation. I have loaded heaps of our cruise and holiday pictures onto a SD card such that we have a non-stop random picture show 24/7. Often times we will be watching TV one of us will comment on the picture in the frame ..... while they are not hard copies, at least we get to see them and they are not stuck in a box gathering dust Edited to say, I have mounted it on the wall in our lounge room so all can see it
  5. Actually Aus Post staff are not APS ....... they are a whole different level of unaccountable lethargy
  6. I have been out of the loop lately, is there still a push to lower the water level in the Harbour? 😎
  7. We had the "Pirates" tour booked for our cruise in November 2019. Unfortunately I was unwell on the day and could not join the tour. My wife went on her own and had a great time. They went to some off the beaten track places and as well as the major tourist attractions however the company gave them a choice of what t do. Would book again.
  8. just made a minor edit to your post to align it with my thoughts
  9. 4 workers at my local hospital emergency department have tested positive to coronavirus. Guess I had better double my praying and hand washing efforts.
  10. I saved money on haircuts by smashing the mirrors ........ Cant see it, don't care ........
  11. just walking around Italy was bad enough, I can only imagine what it would be like onboard as they say in racing parlance .......... prefer others
  12. yes, yes you had better ..... have you ever see pier runners chasing a Dobby Elf Mobile ???? Make sure you don't squash the chocolate donut you are bringing me from the IC
  13. OK .... so I expect to hear the full low down on this including salacious gossip during the car ride to the airport. Dig girl, dig!!! you have 3 hours!!!
  14. I notice you guys are arriving into Melbourne on Sunday at 0800, rather later than the usual 0630 ish arrival. Had to notice as I am playing chauffeur 😎 Is this arrival time due to ....... it not being a turnaround day the tides the number of celebrity CC guests on board Any other wild guesses ..........
  15. Big seas got nuffin on the ride to the airport in the Elf Mobile!! 😎
  16. seriously time to shut down the fires thread and kick off the weird & wacky weather thread!!
  17. So you DID get my Xmas gift ....... (blocked toilet) 😉
  18. I know those guys ...... it is tragic! The community is so small and tight knit, lots of people are hurting I am sick to my stomach
  19. you wont get any sympathy from me - I tend to avoid the shows with a passion on the bright side at least I don't get accused of people holding a seat for me 😁
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