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  1. You might look at The Ibis London Greenwich hotel. Ibis are a major European "value" brand and, though we have not stayed here, we have had good experiences at other Ibis properties. The hotel is just a 5 minute walk from Greenwich pier were the Viking tenders dock so it would be perfect for your embarkation. You can also get one of the frequent river buses to/from central London from that pier too. The trip only takes about 30 minutes and, though a little more expensive, I think is a much nicer journey than "down the tube" See https://www.thamesclippers.com/route-time-table/book-now There are also other easy transport options within a few minutes walk using the Docklands Light Railway or the "main line" rail system from Greenwich train station. Our first home was in Greenwich and there is a lot to explore in that area as well as in central London - enjoy 😀
  2. According to the current information they are close together with the Sky at Skolten Nord (North) 1 and the Sea at the parallel Skolten Syd (South) 3. These are both close to the town centre with the Sun slightly closer still at Festningskai 3.
  3. If you happen to be in Bergen on June 21st you might want to look out for the unusual site of three Viking ships in the harbour at the same time. The Sky, Sea and Sun are all scheduled to be there that day. I am not aware of the three ships being in port together before but please correct me if I am wrong 🤓
  4. Thanks for informing us of your first hand experiences gretschwhtfalcon. It is clear from what you and others directly involved have said that the response of the crew, the company and the people of Norway have been exemplary. But maybe there is something special about Viking passengers too?... I say this because of the consistenty in the way people have apparently taken these events in their stride and later described what happened in an entertaining but level headed and unsensational manner, just as you have. You all come across (passengers, crew and locals alike) as exactly the sort of people we enjoy spending time with and we can't wait until our own Viking trip to Norway in June.
  5. I am currently watching live coverage in Molde from Norwegian TV on www.nrk.no if you go there now clicking on the red "Direkte" button toward the top of the page will get you to the coverage. If this has ended by the time you read this there are some links on the site to interviews with passengers that I am sure will be up for some time. It is brilliant that all those interviewed for the TV have said how amazing the crew were at looking after the passengers. We often forget that, like cabin crew on the airlines, the ship's crew are there for our safely as well as our comfort. All credit to the crew who clearly did such a great job even though they were in the same difficult conditions themselves.
  6. Agreed, the sail in was good to! The Map is now working properly again, so anyone who wants can review the images at any time by clicking on green line on the map which shows that part of the route.
  7. I appreciate the prompt correction SantaFe, I did think Cozumel looked a bit grander than I expected! I have now worked out what happened. The site is showing the correct almost live camera view but the map has not updated since Cozumel, hence my mistake. Hopefully it will update again when you leave Miami. Thanks again for putting that right and do have a brilliant trip.
  8. Hi SantaFe1, Looking at that map I mentioned I am guessing you are in Cozumel. That seems to be a change from the original itinerary. Are you still going to San Juan and picking up the planned route from there?
  9. Hi Azulann - Hope you are keeping well! In case you weren't aware you can follow along with frequently updated panorama pictures from The Sun and a map of the voyage so far by visiting https://viking.panomax.com/sun Wishing all on board lovely voyage and please take care of the ship for us - we need it in June 😎
  10. Please forgive me for being a little argumentative Peregrina 😘 The section you quoted in post 24 does not say anything about "name changes" it refers to the "substitution of another person for original booked passenger(s)" being deemed cancellation. As Little Monty pointed out this is not the case here as no substitution was required. I had assumed that there would be another section that was appropriate and covered exactly this situation (as the one I quoted from the UK version does) where a "person on the booking cancels and you cannot fill that person’s place". If there is no similar provision in the US T&C's relating to this scenario then I can see no grounds in the contract by which Viking can ask for further payment if only one person travels. We should keep in mind though that we don't know the exact text of the email from the brother-in law to Viking. It is just possible he may (even inadvertently) have suggested that they were looking to cancel and so his email rather than the T&C's could have triggered the cancellation process.
  11. I am not saying that it is fair or equitable, quite the opposite, but I see nothing in that wording that is conditional and so would exclude an under-occupancy fee being chargeable after the booking has been paid in full. It may be harsh (or even not what was intended) but it seems that the agent in the US read it in that "catch all" way too. In order for it not to be applicable once the cabin had been paid for I feel it would need to be rephrased something like...... "C2.6 If any person on the booking cancels before the booking has been paid for in full and you cannot fill that person’s place, you may have to pay additional supplements for your accommodation. For example, you may have to pay single or under- occupancy supplements." I guess the only way to find out would be to ask Viking if it applies (in those countries where it appears) once the cabin has been paid for. I suspect that the answer might be rather like the comment from Humpty Dumpty in Alice in wonderland “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”
  12. You are absolutely correct as usual Peregrina. I don't have access to the US T&C's however I expect that they are referring to something similar to the following from the UK site: "C2.6 If any person on the booking cancels and you cannot fill that person’s place, you may have to pay additional supplements for your accommodation. For example, you may have to pay single or under- occupancy supplements." Fortunately we have overriding UK law which requires that any additional payments required cannot be disproportionate (i.e $4000 on top of the full twin occupancy price!). This is because even if the contract is properly drawn up and executed it is still subject to "The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999" which gives an indicative example of a term that would be unfair as "requiring any consumer who fails to fulfil his obligation to pay a disproportionately high sum in compensation" I suspect that this is why that UK version only states that a customer "may" have to pay a supplement. I know that all of the above is of no help at all to the poster's sister, unless there is similar legislation in the US. However her story does show how important it is for us all to read and understand the T&C's in our own countries in full (boring as that might be) before committing to such major expenditure. As the cabin was already paid for, Viking were never in danger of suffering any significant direct and immediate loss financially. However, while they may be technically within their rights under the contract, it seems clear that Viking have scored a serious own goal. Sticking firmly to the letter of the contract gives a very negative perception of the company from a PR point of view, which could result in lost sales and revenue further down the line. Apparently Viking are already rethinking their original "snap" response as a recent post says "My sister and her husband have been talking with another Viking supervisor who has been very helpful and much more customer service oriented than the person who called them the night before the cruise." Both from reading these boards and from my own experience my feeling is that, for the most part, senior management at Viking want to do "the right thing" by their customers. Hopefully we will eventually hear that this latest issue had its roots in a poor decision from a junior agent and that all is straightened out to the customers satisfaction in the end.
  13. I apologise for my mistake trinicruisegyal and thanks for setting it straight. Now I know the reason that new luxury cruise ships have been excluded from the page I linked to, my mischievous mind wonders what a more strictly accurate title might be for that "New Cruise Ships on Order" page? "New 2nd Class Cruise Ships on Order" or "New Somewhat Less Luxurious Cruise Ships on Order" maybe? I can't find a "tongue-in-cheek" emoji so this one will have to do 😉 Also I would like to make clear I was not having a dig at the cruise critic staff (I love the community they have created and support) but just wanted to make sure Viking was not being unfairly excluded from the upcoming new ships list. Again thanks to trinicruisegyal for pointing out Cruisecritic have put them in the luxury category, where they belong.
  14. That is really funny I know that FF has a lot going for it so completely understand you sticking with it if you can. Thanks for the warning, I will steer clear of the bugs and glitches thread and stick with nice Viking folk like you 😘 Hope the solution comes quickly anyway!
  15. Sorry to hear that Peregrina, I am no tech expert and you may have already tried but I wonder if a different browser (eg firefox) might help? I did have problems with the boards myself using the Google Chrome browser (which I otherwise use most of the time) but found that Apple's own Safari browser connected perfectly and so I now use that almost exclusively for Cruisecritic. Well done keeping up on that tiny keyboard and hopefully you will find a solution soon, we very much enjoy your sensible and well informed posts.
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