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  1. Hi Azulann, Trust you are well and really pleased to see that you now have another Viking cruise not too far away! Hopefully you will find time for some "live on-board" posts so we can follow along. What ship will you be on? I don't recall anyone mentioning that and we can't check the details on the UK site.
  2. I would like to echo your thanks for the excellent and interesting contributions that have been added to this thread @Senior Gators. As I had hoped when making the OP they truly reflect the quality and depth of conversations that I have enjoyed in the real-world Explorers’ Lounge. It was kind of you to give me a mention too, though I just provided the virtual environment that others have used to such good effect. Your post reminded me that it is now a little over a year since that OP (and what a year!) but thankfully we and Viking are still active. The reality of a stro
  3. We did the San Juan to Barcelona TA in 2018 with 6 consecutive sea days and had no difficulty filling our time, in fact the problem was fitting everything in. Here is a sample of our schedule: 9 am breakfast in world café 10 am lecture in star theatre “Marine life to look out for on voyage” 11 am coffee and pastries in Atrium followed by “long” walk around promenade deck 1 pm lunch on pool deck 2 pm roundtable discussion with resident historian “Sea dogs - Queen Elizabeth 1st and the privateer pirates” in Torshavn 4 pm trivia quiz in star theatre
  4. It would be great to reunite with shipmates as well as the ship so if you do happen to be in San Juan on Feb 15th.......... There you go Jim, another positive post to add to the fun round here 👍 🍷😁
  5. Agreed...... and seasons greetings to you all 🙂
  6. That information is in my reply: While somewhat socially distanced the two groups do not seem to be separated to required degree. In any case the local restrictions relate to the minimum distance to be observed between individuals not "groups" and the officers are obviously much closer than 1.5 meters (4 feet 11 inches) from one another. You are probably right that the officers do not socially distance in their daily interactions on-board. However that does not excuse their failing to comply with local recommendations once they set foot ashore.
  7. My feeling is that anyone suggesting such a thing is doing you a serious disservice. While you may come at issues from a different point of view from myself and others, in my experience you have always expressed your opinions in a logical and perfectly reasonable way. It is important that we are able to differentiate your justifiable criticism from troll like “mud throwing” by others.....this post is a prime example. Dealing firstly with the facts. The image was taken on 17th December 2020 and is included in an item on the port’s website with the capitalized heading “PORT SASSNITZ-
  8. Time for a Prosecco then 😁 Just read your post immediately after booking a West Indian Explorer cruise for Feb 2022. Looking forward to seeing more of the islands than we did on the TA where we met you and we will be back on the lovely Viking Sea again. Have you got anything booked or planned?
  9. Thanks CurlerRob for finding and passing on that information. It is nice to see that Viking again seem to be going above and beyond by not only taking care of the sick passenger (medical cost aside, that will require separate insurance I assume) but also even considering refunding or rescheduling for a problem that was was not of their making and largely beyond their control.
  10. Agreed, I think that will be the sticking point for us too. And our other outstanding question has also been raised.........
  11. I must admit that I reached a stage in the last few months when I did not even want to think about cruising, let alone make any detailed plans. There was no end in sight and it was impossible to imagine ever enjoying time on the ships in the way we had. The very positive recent news regarding the vaccines has gone a long way to changing my mind though and I wonder how many of you are now feeling more optimistic too? Of course, it is sad that we have had planned cruises cancelled but, at last, I feel DW and I can look forward to the trips we have booked to replace them.
  12. Darn it Jim, you overheard.......... I should have guessed you were only pretending to be asleep 😉
  13. I am not a great one for dramas generally but did enjoy Downton. I think that show has something in common with the atmosphere on Viking . The mutual respect that is portrayed between "upstairs" and "downstairs" rather matches the relationship between guests and crew on the ships. Do you agree? Don't tell anyone but my DW and I dressed for dinner (Bowtie, tux for me sparkly evening gown for her) just to watch the Downton Abbey movie on dvd not so long ago. The things we get up to in lockdown! 🙄
  14. With so much poverty in local streets and across the world let us all be thankful for "our daily bread" Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving
  15. Glad you eventually found your way along to the front of virtual deck 7 Ruthie. You will see Jim is dozing in the corner as usual this time of day. In fact the whole ship is a bit quiet at the moment but I am sure people will gather again as time goes on. In the meantime I see the waitress is on her way over..... what will you be having?
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