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  1. Please understand I have no desire to cause a stir or mount any sort of smear campaign or what have you. Personally, I don't consider the forums a social media site, and therefore posed a question here. I understand fully that our responsibility lies in making sure we have insurance, from now on. Yes, lesson learned, money lost. That's pretty much it.
  2. For those who gave helpful advice, thanks. We spoke to royal pre cruise, and were told sorry, but nothing can be done. We didn't have insurance, as I said before this was our first go round with deployment, was unaware of certain parameter, and that some insurances do not cover deployment. We now know to get USAA insurance on any and all vacations and to also plan on the fly. To the poster who said my military member was "irresponsible", please note that he was not the one making the plans as he was in BC at the time. As I stated before, I am new at this military life. My purpose for posting was not to get some sort of edge or complaining as @gerif or @maryjaden suggested, per se, I was merely asking if we're pretty much out of the money we paid. No big deal. Again, lesson learned.
  3. We figured we'd be stuck with the cost of the cruise. We booked a military fare for his airfares and they refunded the costs without issue. We had notified rci that he was active duty, but didn't expect him to be deployed as it wasn't scheduled. Lesson learned indeed.
  4. We were told to leave him as a no show otherwise we'd be charged additional fees.. We didn't consider insurance well because he wasn't supposed to be deployed, for lack of better term. His time had been approved for a few months. We are new to him deployed and we didn't expect it at all. We got a call Monday for a cruise that left Friday.
  5. Good morning, We just came off a week on Freedom of the Seas. The week of the cruise, my son was called up and deployed which made his attendance for the cruise obviously impossible. When I called Royal, clearly upset, they told us they couldn't do anything.. However, I had paid refundable fare, but was told I'd be charged more if we took him off the reservation. So we had to go with a no show, which was just upsetting as well. Do I have any recourse or is that pretty much it?
  6. Hey y'all! Question for you seasoned RCI travelers... We booked through RCI and were assigned a "travel agent". We recently asked her few questions about upgrade costs and dining issues. She responded that in order to upgrade we'd have to pay X amount of dollars, which we knew ahead of time, but never bothered to check for us or see what availability would be. We asked her about my time dining and if we had to select a time, etc. We had heard that the agent would be able to book dining times for us or shoot an email out to RCI about dining preferences, but she instead gave us the number the RCI dining and instructed us to contact them. Is that the norm? Is it better to have an private travel agent? Thanks! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Forums mobile app
  7. Hey Taglovestocruise... Couple things.I'm seeing clarification so that I can pack dirty my family accordingly because we are not, ahem, shorts and baseball cap types, and do follow suggested dress codes. However, when there is conflicting information, one would reach out to others who have cruised on rci to provide such guidance, not criticism. Which, as we all know, is rampant on these boards. As for your "recommendations" to chose Carnival over Royal, Umm thanks but no thanks. And finally, it's Her, not His. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Forums mobile app
  8. I've read a few posts on the boards that said shorts were absolutely not allowed, then others that said it was a free for all. My husband would rather not have to wear long pants and wouldn't mind wearing linen shorts or dress shorts if that's a possibility, but 🤷*♂️ I've got no idea... We're going the golf shirt route, save for elegant night. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Forums mobile app
  9. We're still wondering if they are turning people away from wearing shorts at the MDR. I've heard yes, I've heard no... Any recent cruisers?? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Forums mobile app
  10. Booked 2 Oceanview rooms on the Freedom of The Seas leaving from PR for rough $2500 for a party of 5. Was really on top of every special that was released and was able to snag that price! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Forums mobile app
  11. Yes I saw that article, but I'm getting conflicting info... Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Forums mobile app
  12. We're scheduled to depart on the Freedom of the Seas in August, our first RCI cruise! We have read conflicting info with respect to the casual vs smart casual in the MDR. Some site say shorts are permitted, some say tanks as well. Trying to plan ahead for 6 travelers who are apt to live, sleep and eat in shorts. Any insight on this is greatly appreciated! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Forums mobile app
  13. We ended up booking jetblue for roughly $330 pp. Flying in the day before and leaving the day after. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Forums mobile app
  14. Airfare is expensive, I'll say that. We're flying in August out of JFK, which is a major hub, and I haven't found anything less than $400 per person. It's our first time flying to SJU and I'm not sure if we should play the waiting game or book before it gets higher. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Forums mobile app
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