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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I appreciate it! We ended up booking on Caribe deck, since I am a creature of habit. We will see if how it goes and plan from here on the Royal class. Thank you again!
  2. Hi there, Family and I are going to book on the Enchanted Princess for December of 2020 and I had a quick question about layout. On grand class Caribe is where the larger sized balcony started. We loved the location of the Caribe deck and have booked there for two cruises. This will be our first time on Royal class, and I was wondering if it is the same for the balconies on a royal class ship? Thanks in advance and I am super excited to experience the Enchanted Princess in 2020!
  3. Hello all! Just got off the Ruby on 08/03. I had a question, as when we got in our room there was a gorgeous flower display that stated it was compliments of the Hotel General Manager. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this before, or if its maybe just a random thing they do. Either way, they were a nice surprise!
  4. Hello all. My partner and I have traveled on Princess for our last two cruises. We have considered trying one on HAL in 2020. I was wondering what the difference would be to moving to HAL. What is the age range and are there any special perks you have found? Anything I may need or know before booking as I’ve done carnival in the past and now two on Princess. I love Princess but would love to try a different line possibly. Thanks in advance!
  5. We will be on the 27th as well! Thanks. I did get the email but it didn’t make it clear if it was being shown. I’ll have to re-read it. Have a great cruise! It’s our first time to Alaska.
  6. Hi all, We are on the Ruby in less than two weeks! ( I am super excited! ) and was wondering if anyone has come off recently and knows if Magic To Do is playing currently? I was on the Crown for a 5 day and it did not show and I was sort of sad! Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone has any information on the current shows on Ruby? We are on her the end of July and excited! My mother was on Ruby a few years ago and saw Magic To Do! and could not stop talking about it. I was wondering if it was still being shown? Thanks!
  8. Partner and I bought two on our first trip with Princess, and maybe used 4 total each. We have a few punches left! Thanks so much for the info!
  9. Good Morning! My partner and I are on the Ruby at the end of July going to Alaska. I have 2 New Grounds cards with many punches left over from a sailing we had in 2017 on the Crown. I know they've either changed or are in the process of changing the Coffee Card program, but I was wondering if these cards are still valid. They do not have an expiration date. I know I cant use them for the unlimited brewed coffee, as they are not from the original sailing, but I would hate to see these punches just go away (and me not get my salted caramel latte every morning!) Just trying to understand if these are still good to use! Thanks in advance!
  10. I just so happen to have looked at that hotel a few times and have a (no-fee cancellable) booking for there. I figured as much on the shuttles. I’m just spoiled going out of Florida for my cruises I think lol! Thanks so much. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Hi all. Looking for a decent hotel in Seattle that offers shuttle from SEA as well as a possible shuttle to the pier. I know I may have to rely Uber for one of those trips but if there’s a hotel that does both that is decently priced then I would love to know about it. Other things I would like would be a free breakfast. I have never been to Seattle before and want to fly in day before my cruise July 2019 and hopefully see a little of the city before we leave the next day to Alaska. Any suggestions would be great. Looking for moderate price range too. (We usually stay at Hyatt Place but the one is Seattle is roughly 700.00 the night I’m looking at.) Thanks in advance!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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