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  1. Can you tell me the name of the service?...we are in SD and would like to check it out!
  2. Thanks Ruth...that just doesn't seem right does it? 🙂
  3. If you love deserts be sure to try the bread pudding in the buffet...I believe they have a different type each day...and it is fabulous..not too sure it's sugar free!! 🙂
  4. We've been on board for it but some time ago...2004..lots of costumes from passengers and a few crew (mostly "scary" ones) and decorations..I have a fun pic sitting on my bookshelf, me and DH with a VERY scary crew member. Enjoy!!
  5. It has been a beautiful day here in SD..you should have a fabulous sail away...enjoy...we're on board 12/12 so will be reading your every word!! 🙂
  6. It's a beautiful day in SD isn't it?...You should have a fab sail away and a great sunset if the last few nights are any indication!! Enjoy and thanks for giving us all the "scoop". We sail on her 12/12!
  7. You're so right!!..Like you I've learned a TON and CCers are always "in the know". I remember on 1 T/A on Celebrity leaving from Europe CCers posted that 1 of our ports had changed due to very bad weather..even before we heard it from Celebrity!! CCers were able to starting re-arranging plans right away!! I also passed this along to our friends who are sailing on the same cruise. Thanks again!!
  8. Thanks so much..just filled the form out for DH Navy vet..we are sailing out of SD early December!!
  9. Any chance you think I could look out of my San Diego windows and see her instead? 🙂
  10. Jim..you're not really saying that the port in SD isn't pretty right?
  11. I've been debating about a wheelchair versus a scooter for a cruise on the Kongingsdam. We have a non HA cabin and I've been concerned about where to "park" it in the cabin and the ability to get it in and out of the cabin door. Also he has only driven one as a "test drive" and concerned it might be too difficult for him as he does have dementia...your thoughts? Thanks!!
  12. We sailed on her 3 times..2007, 2012 and on her final T/P in '14 on her way to Asia via Australia. Bitter sweet as we loved that ship!!
  13. I"ll have to check Ruth re the "foot push". I've pushed it around the house on carpeting and it's ok..but that's NOT the length of a ship right? 🙂 I'm still working on the various options but I so appreciate your input and the help of others too!
  14. Thanks for the additional posts!!
  15. Well thank you all so much for all the great information!! I think I had thought of some of the associated "problems" trying to make a scooter fit in a standard room...but you helped point out some other concerns. Having the scooter taken away and "parked" elsewhere sounds like a great idea. I'll call HAL Accessibility Dept and see if that is doable at this point in time. Another question..do you think a "Transport Chair" is a viable solution? I'm concerned it will be hard for me to push him over the metal strips in the hallways. But I think I can manage a standard wheelchair.
  16. Perfect subject matter for me!! I'm researching right now what to do for DH re scooter for upcoming HI cruise. Do these various models you have mentioned all fit into a standard veranda cabin or do they require a handicapped cabin? Thanks for any help!!
  17. I have posted this on the "Disabled Cruise Travel" thread but thought I'd post here as well hoping that some of the CCers here on the general HAL board might be able to help me as well. My DH has recently been diagnosed with Atypical Parkinsonism and it is more and more difficult for him to walk any distance. I am considering renting a scooter to take on an 18 day cruise R/T out of SD but I'm not sure that the scooter will actually fit through the cabin doorway..and if it does if I can "park" it between 2 twin beds..there is enough space between the beds but I'm concerned about "making the turn" at the base of the beds with the scooter. There are no cabins available that provide the wider doorways etc. ..we are booked in a standard balcony. I could rent a wheelchair..but that of course means I have to push him for those 18 days!! 🙂 I have called the Access Dept at HAL but some of the measurements (like the distance between the end of the bed and the wall) are unavailable. Any help is so appreciated..this is a brand new world for us both.
  18. So glad you're back!! While I was still checking in once in awhile I have spent way less time on CC..and glad to be back "in the saddle" as well. If nothing else the Covid "break" from cruising has made me realize even more how much I love the ocean and cruising. I got goosebumps seeing The Edge sail away..and really almost cried!! 🙂 Welcome Home!!
  19. Thanks for your tip about going backwards over the strips...great idea. I have looked into renting a scooter..but I just don't think that a standard veranda cabin will have the room to "park it"..there is room between the 2 twin beds if I set it up that way...but I just don't think he can "make the turn" based on the amount of room between the base of the beds and the wall. He tried those out at the DME store as well..and it seems like the turning radius is pretty small..but I'm just not sure..and I'd hate to rent it and then not really be able to use it or have it take up so much space in the cabin if it's useless!!! 🙂 I'm waiting for the store to get in some more motorized transport chairs..I think they might work. I could rent one here in SD and have a friend help me get it to the ship..it does break down into several pieces. I'm not concerned about getting off the ship...the ship is the destination for us these days..and if we get off it won't be to go far. Thanks again..any and all help is so appreciated..this is a brand new world for us both!
  20. True...I did try pushing him in one at the Durable Medical Equipment store..and a carpet that was not too "high"..and it seemed "doable". 🙂
  21. I am SOoooo happy for you to be on this cruise..and I must admit a little jealous too! I got goosebumps when I saw the TV coverage of the sail away..and almost cried..I really hadn't realized just HOW much I have missed cruising. Have a terrific time and thank you for taking the time and effort to answer questions.
  22. It's so much lighter to push than a standard wheelchair but I'm concerned about the metal strips that are all along the way for the water tight doors...will it be difficult to get DH up and over those with this type of chair? Thanks for your help!!
  23. I've been thinking about taking my DH's transport chair for the cruise..but I'm worried that it won't be "sturdy" enough to get over the metal strips that are all along the way for the water tight doors..it's so much lighter than a standard wheelchair I thought it would be easier for me to push..but those strips concern me...your thoughts? Thanks!!
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