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  1. I'm 45. We chose HAL for the itinerary. On cruising days I like to use the thermal spa and just relax. I don't need anything fancy. A little trivia and good food will keep me happy.
  2. We have a New Zealand/Aus cruise booked on the Oosterdam for Christmas. It seems highly unlikely that it will actually allow Americans onboard. When deciding which cruise to do this year our other choice was the Singapore to Hong Kong cruise at Christmas. Now in the time of Covid... what to do. Hope that we get to go to NZ/Aus? Move to the Asia cruise? or play it safe at book something out of Florida for Christmas? FWIW we are sitting on about $10k in FCC that can't be applied to our currently booked cruise because we booked it before Covid.
  3. Good thing his mother was a tax attorney before kids 😛
  4. We bought our 100 shares when it tanked back in March. My 15 year old bought some too at even lower price than we did... he thinks he's an investing genius now.
  5. I checked my account this morning and Chase has reversed all the charges not just the temporary reverse.
  6. When I filed my dispute with Chase, I attached the email from HAL from 3/13 when they canceled our 3/14 cruise in which they stated I would be refunded 100%. Chase still has us with a conditional credit.
  7. We have the Aukland to Sydney cruise booked for Christmas but I'm doubtful if it will happen. I'm going to wait a few more months before I decide what to do but I wonder if the Panama Canal cruise over the same period may be a safer bet as far as actually happening.
  8. this seems more likely. They are very similar. Why not rebrand HAL and Princess under the Cunard brand.
  9. it seems to me that many of the agents aren't aware of what compensation each customer got and don't read notes in the file or something. I called yesterday and was told I was either getting refund OR FCC and I had to explain to her that the email I got from HAL said I would get both, she had to escalate me.
  10. i'm still on hold with HAL but they are saying because we disputed with our CC we won't get the FCC that the email they sent us said we would get. Meanwhile the CC is asking for more information and we haven't actually seen any $$ returned, just don't have to pay our bill. I'm still on hold but the CC dispute doesn't explain why we haven't been refunded our expenses related to having turn around after arriving in California because our flight was canceled while we in the air.
  11. We are still waiting on our March 14th refund which was was canceled on March 13th so much be one of the "earlier" sailings. We are on day 55.
  12. now this is interesting... could you buy the gift cards with the 20% bonus and pay off your cruise balance for the 10% discount? + $250 OBC?
  13. Part of me is interested.. we have $600 OBC per cabin and free gratuities already so I'm not sure we could spend more since we usually like to have our excursions nailed down well in advance and don't drink. but I still want the almost 10k they owe me from my canceled March cruise.
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