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  1. Thank you all. After giving it some thought, we have decided to move to the following year. It is disappointing, but I feel we made the right decision. Thank you for your advice it was appreciated.
  2. We are set with a Cruise May 16 of 2021. I am not sure if I should move to 2022… I would not be able to get same month, because of family obligations, but I I could pick another month. I wasn’t sure if I should just wait and see if Viking cancels, then move? This is our first Viking cruise. Thank you for any advice.
  3. On Viking Sky...if they overnight in a port (Venice) does that mean you can get off the boat as early as you would like the following day for a private arranged tour? (not a Viking tour). Thanks!
  4. Regarding the pre ultimate Italy trip. We arrive 2 days ahead of tour in Florence. Was wondering how we would meet up with group at airport or villa? Wasn’t sure what happens if you are already in Florence. I know transfers are included in trip but if we meet at villa we would need to pay for that ourselves I am thinking. Thank you for any advice.
  5. Thank you! We are booked on Viking Sky for the Mediterranean & Italian Sojourn. May of 2021. The excursions look good, just was wondering if there would be more options. Thank you
  6. Hi, I wanted to find out...we just booked a cruise in May of 2021 (Italy). I looked at website to see list of excursions (on main website) not myjourney page (still too early to have any listed). What I wanted to find out is that all of the excursions that are being offered? Or is that a sample of excursions--the actual ones will be added closer to trip? Our first cruise on Viking. Thank you for any advice.
  7. Hi, We are booked on a Mediterranean / Italy cruise in May of 2021. I just put down a deposit. I was looking at the excursions on the main website...are those sample of what might be offered? Or will more be added? It is too early for my trip. But I was just curious. Thank you!
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