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  1. Recently I have seen quite few people on YouTube and these boards instigating others to go on a cruise despite the current situation. Something like “I still would go” or even “it is up to you,” or “it’s a personal decision,” the implication being you’re kind of a wimp if you don’t go. Government agencies are far from perfect but they’re not all idiots and their opinion matters. And now I see, that instead of being honest and just saying, indeed, it is too dangerous and I was wrong, some persons are saying “oh, let’s see what my doctor says”. It is obvious that you are not going on that cruise so why not just say it?
  2. Completely agree with BarbarianPaul, what misjudgment of the situation. Regent is refusing to accept Hong Kong passengers and refunding their money plus a future cruise credit. First, I disembarked the Westerdam with my mom in Hong Kong on Feb. 1, and did not feel comfortable being made to do so. I can’t believe they didn’t change ports and felt like my health, and my older mother’s, was being put in jeopardy. If you weren’t there, you can’t know how we felt. Also, someone said that the captain and Jeremy are working very hard, but how exactly? When we were onboard as the virus news started to break, the captain just robotically read various messages from the HA home office for several days, and Jeremy (cruise director) is doing what exactly? I didn’t sense any emotion from the captain at all. He seemed lost and in over his head. Please report this situation correctly and with a cool head.
  3. All good valid opinions! I am glad I am not alone, although in the minority. Thank you everyone for replying!
  4. I am curious if anyone cleans their own cabin. We primarily sail Holland America, and are four star mariners. Of course HA cabin stewards always do a great job, but I still see some streaks and spots left on the doors, night stands, table, etc. For our next cruise, 33 days from Honolulu to Auckland on the Noordam in late October, I’m going to take a small bottle of all surface natural cleaning solution. No big deal, and honestly, I’m not some monstrous clean freak, but I think I’ll feel cozier if I take 15 minutes once a week and quickly go over the surfaces in our cabin. Has anyone else considered this?
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