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  1. We just got off Nieuw Amsterdam this morning, and I don't think they had Club Orange yet. I think someone posted a list of when they start Club Orange on each ship a while back, and I recall seeing it's starting on the cruise after ours, so people who are on the ship right now might have the answer. FYI, we had Anytime Dining and ate in main dining room twice (both on Gala Night). We eat early (between 5 pm and 5:30 pm), so we had no trouble making reservations (table for 2).
  2. Thank you!! So looking forward to trying Nieuw Amsterdam and Tamarind! Looks like it's going to rain the whole time, but oh well, we're from Seattle, so we're used to it ;)
  3. Hi kazu, We decided to cancel our NE/Canada cruise and booked something else. And while we were at it, we booked a cruise for 2021 too :) Please remove: SEPTEMBER 2020 Zuiderdam - 07-Sep-20 - 10 day Colors of Canada & New England crunchii & Zarmengar - 3rd HAL cruise And add: SEPTEMBER 2020 Koningsdam - 26-Sep-20 - 7-Day Wine Country & Pacific Northwest crunchii & Zarmengar (Not sure if we'll like Koningsdam, but we'll give it a try.) and AUGUST 2021 Oosterdam - 22-Aug-21 - 7-Day Alaskan Explorer crunchii & Zarmengar Thank you!
  4. Just reporting back to say we booked 5196. According to our PCC, aft-Neptune Suites on Deck 5 is 30 sqft. larger than the ones on Deck 6, and the balcony is slightly bigger too. We'll be sure to take some photos and send them over to hal facts to be posted. (It won't be till Oct. 2020 though )
  5. The new Zuiderdam Fall 2020 cruises are available to book now. I'm still debating whether to keep this cruise or cancel. I looked into these new ports and they do sound wonderful, and we would LOVE to visit them someday, but we're not sure if we want to go there next year...
  6. Yeah, I think I'll do a little more research on those ports before I cancel. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, I thought it looked smaller than those LARGE Category-K Insides on Vista class... We'll be booking it for the verandah, but if we're going to pay the Neptune price, we want Neptune-sized room... I think I'll go with the one on Deck 5 and hope the people that booked one the rooms on Deck 7 will cancel ;)
  8. I'm currently on the Sept. 7, 2020 cruise and thinking of canceling it, since they removed the three ports we were most interested in (NY, Charlottetown, and Saguenay). But you all think it's a great itinerary? I'm not familiar with St Johns, St Anthony, Harre-Saint-Pierre, and Baie-Comeau. What's there to see?
  9. We're looking at a cruise on Koningsdam and trying to decide on the cabin. We like the aft-wrap Neptunes and always try to get the ones on Deck 7, but unfortunately, both of those are taken. I thought we'd go down to Deck 6, but looking at the deck plan, the aft-Neptunes on Deck 6 look smaller than the ones on other decks. There are some photos of SB6229 on HAL facts, and it looks tiny and cramped in the photos too. Has anyone stayed in SB6210 or 6229? Are they as small as they look in the deck plan? Would the ones on Deck 5 be bigger?
  10. We're on this 10-day NE/Canada cruise on 9/7/2020 also. They removed the three ports we booked this cruise for (NY, Charlottetown, and Saguenay), so we're going to cancel it and book something else... I hope they bring this itinerary back someday, because it was perfect.
  11. Thank you for posting the picture! I was wondering about this. Wow, so these aft-cabins have been out of service for a few weeks then! We'll be on Nieuw Amsterdam later this summer. Looking forward to reading the rest of your review!
  12. Here's another pic. This is Westerdam, taken last week in Osaka, Japan.
  13. We're not on this cruise, but we are in Japan right now and went to Port of Osaka to see Westerdam today. We were on her last year, so it was nice to see her again.
  14. Bon Voyage! We'll be in Japan starting next week (not on a cruise, unfortunately) and plan to visit Port of Osaka to see Westerdam, our first HAL ship. :)
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