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  1. Hi sorry you had to deal with this issue first time on Seabourn. The way it works as far as I am aware is you either keep your first deal with the 25% deposit with the WIFI or cancel and and only pay five hundred deposit. It depends on which you are more comfortable with.
  2. Just let me know and I wll arrange it
  3. Hi to you both i just wanted to let you know that if you get a first time referral you get $250 ship board credit. The person that refers you also gets the credit next time they cruise. Enjoy Karen
  4. Thank you all We were planning to travel in May but my Boss has informed that he will be away for May, Sept and Oct next year and I cannot be away when he is. So we are very limited on when we can go. I have never been on the larger ships and I must admit I am very apprehensive about it. The one we are looking at is Malta to Italy including Casablanca , so we are not going to Venice side at all.
  5. Hi We are looking at doing a Med cruise in June next year if anyone has done one at that time would you please advise us if you found the weather to hot and ports to crowded . Appreciate any advise before we book.
  6. Hi All I have just hang up from Seabourn and it is on our existing booking as well up until July 1 as new booking
  7. Great Photos really enjoying them, thank you for posting them , hope you are enjoying our country
  8. That is a great outcome and hopefully others will receive the same.
  9. We are booked on 29 April for a 17 day Med cruise and we are doing the wait and see , our flights to Italy have been cancelled but I am not going to rebook until we find out what Seabourn are doing and if there are port changes.
  10. Hi I do not know if this helps you or not but I have just been speaking to Seabourn regarding our cruise and they told me that everyone has the twelve months option.
  11. Thank you , it does make me feel that as giving to the crew fund is the best for all, as every crew member benefits. I would hate to think that we are treated as well as we are by the crew, thinking that they expect a tip at the end of our trip.
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