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  1. 4 hours ago, imapost2003 said:

    We are in a similar situation.  Getting a taxi would cost me a second mortgage!  We rented from budget at the hotel last visit, it was a disorganized experience that took up way too much of our time on the island.  We are heading back in January and i found http://www.advancecarrentalcuracao.com/

    It seems to be a little old fashioned and my contact has been through email with the same gentleman.  He says he will meet us at the port with the car and a gps and a full tank of gas.  I have found reviews of this man and they are all very favorable.  We will see how it goes!

    I contacted them and they don't do 1 day rentals the last couple weeks of December. That's what I'm finding with all of the places I have contacted.

  2. We will be in Curacao on December 26. We've tried renting a car for the day, but haven't had any luck. We would like to do some snorkeling and have heard Playa Piskado or Playa Lagun are good places to see turtles. The problem is we don't know how to get out there. Google shows that the bus system isn't very good. A taxi sounds expensive. Are there cheap tours or private buses that go out that way from the port?

  3. On 11/24/2018 at 5:01 PM, Duanerice1 said:

    Agree with all of the above.  We rented a car and went there first before all the tours showed up.  Was amazing as we were pretty much alone as we swam with the turtles.  From what I hear they are there all year long.  But, that's just what I was told.  We were there in October.


    You don't have to even snorkel.  Just get a mask and walk out a ways.  Just be still and let them come to you.


    Have fun! 

    Did you book your car before the cruise? Or did you get one once you got there? What company did you use?

  4. We will be cruising the ABC islands at the end of December. Is there a chance we will see sea turtles or do they move on by then? I've tried googling and I see they nest May-December, but do they stick around awhile after nesting? We are taking our 4 kids and they love sea turtles, but I don't want to get their hopes up if there isn't much of a chance of seeing any.

  5. We are a family of 6 (kids ages 12, 10, 8, and 5). We would like to snorkel while we are in Bonaire, but we are wondering which spots would be the best for our family. We are looking for a shallow area with reef close to the beach. Not something we have to snorkel out aways to reach because of our young children. We also don't want a guided tour because that will be too expensive. We are renting a golf cart and plan to take the water taxi if we decide to go over to Klein Bonaire. Any suggestions on the best snorkeling spot for our family?

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