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  1. We only needed a pin when we purchased bus tickets from a ticket machine.
  2. We had 2 standard rooms with a connecting door. Each room had only one bed ( no ability to separate) which seemed to be about the size of a double, so your boys would be sharing. I shared with my teenaged daughter and my husband shared with our teenaged son. It was definitely small but we were so tired it didn't bother us at all and we slept great. ( Also, tallest of us is 5'8'' if that helps) The bathroom was private. You couldn't really see in at all. For us, the location made up for any issues with the size.
  3. We just returned from a similar trip. We only used our credit card in Copenhagen (at times we needed a PIN code so I suggest, that if you don't plan to have Danish Kroner make sure you have a PIN code for your cc.) In Germany we used Euros to tip the tour guide/driver and buy coffee and ice cream. I believe they would have accepted tips in USD but we would not have been able to purchase snacks. In St. Petersburg we used credit cards and tipped the guide in USD, in Sweden and Finland we credit cards. Since we had Euros, we used Euros in Tallin for smaller purchases and credit card for lunch. Enjoy your trip, it was the best vacation we ever had!
  4. Recently off the Getaway in the Baltic. Internet was terrible. We couldn't even use our free 250minutes.
  5. 25. It was very easy. It appeared to be the first stop and went directly to Oceankaj. Just buy your ticket in the station before you get on the bus. If you use a credit card you will need a pin at the machine.(I didn't need a pin at the machines in the airport but I did for the other machines, including the one at the pier for the return trip)
  6. Thank you Danish Viking! I have been reading your thread preparing for our pre and post cruise stay in Copenhagen. Your advice was so helpful and helped make our time there amazing. You certainly have a beautiful city and we look forward to returning one day.
  7. We got off the Getaway last week and loved it! I was also nervous after reading the negative reviews. I think knowing what to expect helped. I found that a lot of great advice on these boards helped us to avoid the common complaints. Yes, the Atrium got crowded so we got there early and always got seats. While waiting, we enjoyed meeting the people sitting around us. On embarkation day we went to O'Sheehans for lunch rather than the buffet. For breakfast on port days, we went to the buffet at Moderno's. Selection was slightly less (no made to order omelets) but certainly had more than enough choices. We got to the shows about 20 minutes early and got good seats. The only time the size of the ship really bothered us was getting on and off the ship in St.Petersburg. I might have felt differently if it had been a warm weather cruise, because the pool did seem quite small.
  8. We just returned from a Baltic Cruise. Pre-cruise we stayed at the Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergrade. It had A/C. We are a family of 4 so were able to get a family room (2 standard rooms with a connecting door), which is hard to get for a decent price in Europe. The location was great, room was clean and the location was perfect for us. Few blocks from Rosenborg Castle, Nyhavn and Stroget. About 20-25 minute walk to City Hall area. Walked to the bus stop that took us directly to the cruise terminal and quick walk from the train station upon arrival from the airport.The downside was that the rooms were small and it's a no frills kind of place. It had everything we needed, but nothing more. I would recommend staying there as long as you know what you are getting. We also stayed one night post cruise at the Anderson. It's located behind central station and Tivoli. We loved our stay here. There was a/c, the room was pretty large and there were tons of extras, including a great breakfast. Also, an easy walk to Tivoli, Christianborg Palace, the Glyptotek and central station to get back to the airport and from the cruise port by public transportation.
  9. I hope you find your laptop soon! Looking forward to your detailed report as we leave in 2 weeks. So glad to hear you enjoyed the cruise. Any quick packing tips you can think of? Things you brought but didn't need, or things you wished you had? Do you suggest umbrellas?
  10. That's my plan and hope also. I'm assuming we'll need to be back on board by 3:40. To be safe, what time to you think we should definitely leave Gamla Stan?
  11. Our ship (August 17) will be docked in Frihamnen from 8:45-4:10. Is it reasonable to expect that using public transportation we could take Bus 76 to the Vasa Museum, after visiting there, take the ferry to Gamla Stan, explore some, go to the Noble Museum, then take Bus 76 back to the port? I'm concerned that this may be too ambitious a plan to do justice to each stop with the time allotted. We typically prefer doing fewer things really well then quick visits to many sites. We are fine with a quick snack rather than an actual lunch.
  12. Thank you for this review. Did you go inside Schwerin castle or just tour the grounds? If you went inside what did you think? On our tour we are viewing the outside and the grounds and then have a choice of free time (snack) or going inside the castle.
  13. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to your review as we will be doing this cruise in August.
  14. I just love your pictures! Thanks for this report.
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