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  1. To us, it's like a 5-star hotel at sea. It is quiet, if that's what you want. One common criticism of O is their shore excursions. We will generally do one or two of the O shore excursions, while arranging private ones in other ports. Food and service is outstanding. We also appreciate that there are no formal nights; so we're not filling suitcases with all that extra fancy, stiff clothing.
  2. Penthouse and above tend to go quickly on most cruises. I second Pinot's suggestion re: a TA.
  3. In the past, we have never had difficulty booking spa treatments, even for the same day. There have been specials offered on spa services (look in Currents for them); so it may even be advantageous to wait to book. Spa treatments are not cheap and they encourage you to buy whatever product line/s they are using. Had my first acupuncture treatments on Riviera a few years ago and had great results. Massages are good; but, as with all massage therapists, it's a good idea to be clear with them what you expect = I like a fair amount of pressure; but not so that I want to scream. Enjoy your
  4. Guess we are in the minority, with Jacques not being at the top of our list. When we were fresh out of grad school, dining on corporate dollars, those 5 star French restaurants, with the ever hovering waiters, were a treat. In our seventies, we find the atmosphere a bit over the top and too formal for our tastes. No question that the food is delicious though. Our tastes have changed and we prefer Red Ginger. But, anytime I don't have to plan, shop, cook, serve and cleanup, it's a party. Looking forward to one of those Caribbean "shorties" on the Riviera this winter.
  5. Yes, they have a pager and we have always had a return phone call within seconds.
  6. Agree with the $75-100. range. We have never had a butler that disappointed. Our butlers have always gone beyond our expectations and our requests. We enjoy conversations with them... about their families, their interesting work experiences, even world politics. It's so interesting to see our country through the eyes of foreigners (guess that's why we hosted a ton of high school exchange students over the years).
  7. Have had the bed split in PH on Regatta. Really made no difference in space; as, unless you ask them to move them apart, the beds will be left side by side
  8. Five star hotel at sea. Be as active as you wish. Other passengers tend to be well educated, well travelled and well mannered. Staff are outstanding. Food is wonderful, with lots of options for all. Port intensive cruises offer opportunity to explore many new destinations in a short period of time.
  9. Put some cash in a pretty decorated envelope or tiny box. They will be thrilled. Most are supporting family at home; so anything additional is wonderful.
  10. Was your cruise full? We are on a January/Feb cruise that was to stop at Cuba and, looking at availability, I anticipate the ship will not be fully booked. Is it possible that the cutbacks at Afternoon Tea were in line with the anticipated low attendance? Just a thought... Great review!
  11. Mura is right about the bus tour in Kotor. The front seats would have been way better. And a good guide could have made a big difference. In general, I find the guides on private tours to be far better than those on O tours. We've had guides on O who did pretty generic tours for that locations, seemingly never haven read the tour description that O provided us.
  12. A few years ago, we did an O tour in Kotor. It was dreadful!!!! A long bus drive, on switchbacks on a VERY narrow road... meal/snack provided at stop was a piece of dry bread, small piece of cheese and tiny glass of something. Tour guide talked nonstop about history, over and over again. We needed earplugs and motion sickness meds.
  13. I booked with Rony and asked if we could pay at the time of the tour, rather than use PayPal. He agreed. We are looking forward to our tour with him.
  14. Have been in a Vista on Riviera and an Oceania Suite on Marina. The Vista is much larger; but we found that we liked the Oceania Suite in the aft of the ship much better. The wraparound balcony can be used at any time - was great for reading and taking photos, in port and at sea. We weren't able to use the balcony much in the Vista Suite. The closed curtain thing at night can be annoying. For our $$$, Oceania Suite is more bang for the buck. We've booked one for January.
  15. We did Riviera, Venice to Barcelona, in November 2016. Aside from rain in Kotor, the weather was warm and pleasant. Popular stops, like Rome and Florence were not as crowded as peak season; but they certainly were not deserted. Did not use the pool, as that's not our thing. We loved the cruise and were very happy with the timing. I recall one night of rough seas. Aside from that, pretty calm.
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