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  1. Most people have their carry-on bags with them in Waves at lunchtime. Makes for some maneuvering to get to tables. Not really a big deal, in the grand scheme of things.
  2. Did Venice to Barcelona on Riviera two years ago in mid-November. I believe the only rainy day was Kotor. Aside from that, nice weather. No port was even close to deserted. The only dreadful crowds were at the Vatican (never again!!!). Would not hesitate to do the same again.
  3. You definitely look like you are having fun. What a lovely family. And thanks for showing what a wonderful experience one can have in the MDR.
  4. I will be on Riviera in January and O lists about 15 excursions for Cozumel. I suspect that those same excursions will be added for your cruise. Why not ask your TA to contact O for confirmation?
  5. Palermo was the highlight of our Med cruise two years ago; because we took a wonderful street food walking food tour with Marco. We saw the important landmarks, learned about the history of the city and sampled wonderful & interesting local foods in a group of twelve. Highly recommend!!!
  6. Our first O cruise was the Med in November, two years ago. Weather was fabulous and there were still plenty of tourists (if those were not crowds at the Vatican, I can't imagine the hell that is summer!!!). As previously suggested, we skipped a port to enjoy the ship with fewer passengers around. Great day to go to the spa and to have an outdoor lunch in the Terrace. Since then, we've done two other O cruises and never feel obligated to do shore excursions in every port. It's your vacation and you can do what you wish.
  7. More curious than anything. All have been OK so far; although we hated Dotty's frequent announcements on our Alaskan cruise. Loved Nolan Dean; but I believe he's now with Viking.
  8. Used romeinlimo.com a few years ago and was satisfied with their customer service, promptness and English language skills.
  9. Is there anywhere that one can access a list of current CD's on the various O ships? How often do they rotate them? Anyone have preferences?
  10. We did book our first Oceania cruise through them. The sales associate I spoke with during the sales process came on very strong, dropping personal information that made me feel like she really cared about my trip (50th wedding anniversary) and that she lived and breathed Oceania. . Booked it on a Friday. Over the weekend I had a few questions, which I emailed to her. No response. Called at the beginning of the week, and this agent was no longer with them. Hmmm...
  11. ClassicCruiser mentioned the surf & turf sandwich in Waves. It's quite good, as are a few of the other sandwiches from the grill... like tuna that are served there. Waves is a lunch favorite for us, especially on sea days when Terrace is crowded and you can't get any of the desirable outdoor tables.
  12. LHT - We stayed at the NH Collection AMS Grand Krasponolsky, just across from Dam Square. By the way, the hotel has the most LAVISH breakfast buffet we had ever seen anywhere in the world (and it was included in our package). We had a private minivan from port to hotel for $50.
  13. Travel agents can also be very helpful in doing airline and hotel reservations. Booking air with Oceania, you have limited options. A good TA can find better flights and connections. For instance, for our Baltic cruise last summer, out TA booked us on a Delta Vacations package that included premium seating on a brand new plane, excellent hotels in Stockholm (a boutique gem that Rick Steves' Tours uses) and Amsterdam, and transportation to and from airports/hotels at a good price.
  14. We usually have a table for two and have never had to wait in the MDR. The host/hostess will quickly learn your names and remember your preferences. That being said, if they are busy, they may ask you if you would care to share a table. You can probably scope the other parties out, and decide for yourselves. We've done that a few times, and enjoyed the company. Two hours would generally be fine.
  15. Different strokes... I dislike the crowds at breakfast in the Terrace. Room service or MDR are always my breakfast choices - room service, if we have a shore excursion in the a.m. I love the casual, slow service in the MDR in the morning. Hope that the MDR is still trying the themed lunches on our Riviera cruise in January. Definitely like the bigger ships with the four specialty restaurants. Would only go to the Terrace as a last resort for dinner - not because of the quality of the food; but because of the crowded conditions (and the bad manners of some pushy passengers at the buffet/s). My husband is a San Pelligrino drinker and never had trouble getting it in any restaurant on Riviera, Regatta or Marina. Perhaps it has something to do with how one asks?
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