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  1. Sny

    Want to see St Petersburg

    Main docks, not downtown We were there last July
  2. Sny

    Roll call index

    Is this the reason that the March 2019 Symphony Papeete to Auckland Roll Call is no longer available? Has it been melded into the longer voyage.
  3. Sny

    What to do in Rarotonga??

    We stayed in Raro for about a week for a wedding in about 2000; so we took the bus all the time. We had rented a cottage near the Rorotongan Beach Resort and there was a beautiful beach adjacent to the resort, open to the public. There is a bus stop at the resort. You might want to just take the bus all the way around the island to get oriented. Ask the driver and other passengers for suggestions. People are SO nice. We had lunch at Trader Jack's one day, nice view of the water, etc. Bought some black pearls at a shop - I remember a couple shops, across the street from one another. There are some beautiful beaches in the southwest part of the island, and some little restaurants down there. Enjoy your day and kick back. We are stopping there with Crystal Symphony in March and one of the primary reasons we booked the itinerary was to see Atutaki and visit Raro again.
  4. Sny

    Want to see St Petersburg

    There is one small elevator in the Hermitage. We used Alla last summer and our guide took us to the elevator, as my husband was using a walker. He still had to do some steps near the entrance; but people were very nice and carried his walker for him. Whether you have mobility challenges or not, the Hermitage is exhausting and crowded.
  5. Crystal Symphony - Papeete to Auckland, Departing Papeete on March 7. Where did it go. I think we had more than six members.
  6. Sny

    Culinary Center: What To Expect

    Have done multiple classes on both Marina and Riviera. All were wonderful. Book early, if you really want a given class. There were quite a few people waiting at the door, hoping for no shows; but I don't think any every got in. My husband took the knife skills class and loved it. Fish class and grilling class were great, as was the one on Tapas. Annie Copps was our instructor on both ships. She's fabulous.
  7. We will arrive in Papeete three days before our March cruise on Crystal. We are looking for a nice hotel that won't break the bank (have already done that, booking the cruise). We enjoy small, boutique hotels. Any ideas?
  8. Sny

    What to do in Rarotonga??

    Take the bus around the island. It runs hourly and you can get off at a stop and re-board later. Great way to get oriented. Good shops for black pearls. Good restaurants also. People in Raro are so friendly. It doesn't feel like a tourist trap at all. Also, there is a little perfume factory, with wonderful floral scents for very few $$$.
  9. We probably did the same cruise on Regatta one year ago. Dottie was the cruise director and she made WAY too many announcements. Not all Oceania cruise directors do that. I agree that the endless announcements are very annoying.
  10. Sny

    Excursion Booking Question

    I think you are a little early. I've never seen a port with no excursions. That's lost revenue.
  11. Sny

    Men's attire at dinner

    If you don't pack a tie or jacket, it won't negatively impact your experience.
  12. TripAdvisor is a great resource for alternative tours, and they are often less expensive, with better guides. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Sny


    Was in Baltic in Marina recently. We had two day turnaround, all three times. Clothes were nearly folded, but definitely not pressed. Loved the service!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Sny

    Relaxed dress code for first night?

    Our experience has been that specialty restaurants are generally not fully booked on embarkation night. On our first cruise on Riviera, we were approached by staff at the entrance to the MDR and asked if we'd like to share a table with another couple in Polo. We agreed, and the four of us were escorted to Polo. We had an unexpected specialty meal and made new friends in our tablemates.
  15. Marina is docking at Frihamnen next Monday. I am told it's about 10 minutes from town. Of course, it depends upon where one is staying in Stockholm. Rick Steves warns about taxis, saying some will charge 3x what others do. He lists reputable ones in his books... and probably on his website.