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  1. 11:30-12:00 was the first time available for our Valor 11-12 sailing. NOLA is still somewhat closed so well see...
  2. I have little hope for my Nov 12 Valor leaving from NOLA.
  3. Now my Nov Valor cruise is gone. Crazy.
  4. They are back. I checked on two separate devices before I posted. No clue what happened.
  5. Gone from the website now.
  6. Took about an hour yesterday on hold but got exactly what I needed taken care of. They've been amazingly efficient each time Ive needed to call.
  7. So if we book a new 5 day to replace my 7 day that's been cancelled, there would be a $300 OBC on the new one? We have an existing & day as well but Im thinking to get the OBC it has to be a new reservation...???...
  8. We had just paid a $250 deposit for the 7 day Freedom Sept 6 sailing thats now been cancelled. Our Jan Vista cruise is fully paid for. We also have a 7 day in Sept 2021 that we still owe a bit on. I take it that to get the $600 OBC it has too be a new booking? Should we roll that $250 into OBC for Jan? Towards Sept? Advice? Thx
  9. So were an hour out from the big announcement and I can purchase a massage and shore excursion for my Freedom Sept 6 sailing. Sigh...
  10. I cannot imagine the loss of revenue in Galveston this year. The business of, and employees at hotels, restaurants, parking lots, porters, piers and on and on. How does the city make up for the lost tax dollars? Big domino...
  11. Crazy time of day for that to happen
  12. I've been searching Galveston cruises in Sept and this just appeared. You couldn't book but this is the first time I've seen a Aug 1 iten listed. Crazy...
  13. You can unlock for sure with a card. Im thinking you couldn't lock them from the outside.
  14. Im trying to be optimistic but doesn't make sense why they would still be offering Sept 6.
  15. I concur. There was a lot of rooms available on Vista in Sept and then, *poof* they were gone overnight. It makes no sense they are still offering that Sept 6 sailing on Freedom if they know they are not sailing. My final payment for 9/6 is currently due on July 8 so I am hoping to hear something soon.
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