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  1. From my experience, they will show games on channels that Carnival has subscribed to. For example, if your game is on ABC, maybe not per my experience last year. Also, they will show what most people want. Or, tune in a channel for you if you want to watch what's being played on it.
  2. I rode the Sky Ride twice in Jan and it was awesome. Went back on Vista in May and I didn't ride it. That being said, you are correct regarding the gimmicks. Just give me a nice balcony or some Havana...
  3. We always carry these. They wedge into the sliding lock to make it snug and tight.
  4. Off Vista yesterday. Lanyard was it... The Plat get together was the last sea day at 5PM (we didn't go).
  5. We just got off Vista yesterday with a HC. While we didn't use the "cabana" much at all, we loved the pool and bar area. Agree somewhat with the OP's impression of the bartenders but felt the servers were good. The only pool area downside was the 24/7 latin music. Carnival has such a good and fun playlist around the ship we were disappointed to hear latin music the whole time. I get the live latin music in the club at night (which is great) but its just too much all day by the pool. We didn't even go to serenity once and were outside a LOT. I think next time on Vista we will try the balcony or even an inside. PS. Cucina and JiJi's were awesome.
  6. I usually pre-book 2-3 massages for every cruise and never have had an issue with the paid charges credited to my S&S. I let them know upfront that I am not interested in products but just the services.
  7. Did you find that the privacy doors beside outside your cabin (leads to the Plaza Bar) are always locked?
  8. Makes sense for an earlier departure. Thx
  9. Like the pins we have been given for gold status, Im not sure this would even make it off the ship. We don't even unpin those from the paper but leave them on the desk. Personally, Im not a lanyard wearer at all but hey, my phone goes in the safe as we leave and stays in there for the duration.
  10. We are doing a seven day Western run on Vista soon and our iten is two days at sea, Mahogany Bay, Belize, Cozumel and wrap it up with a final day at sea before Galveston. I was originally thinking Cozumel originally but now think it might be Belize... TIA
  11. We often drive 5 hours to Galveston but leave at 4am.
  12. Thank you for you reply. Not sure a drink or two would be worth it anyhow. Really wanted to see the presentation more than anything. When we were on Vista in Jan, it looked to be pretty packed (piano bar) so we might pass anyhow. I guess we get an indication as to how many are on board at embarkation. Thx
  13. DW is Plat on our upcoming Vista cruise. Im a few days behind her but will be on our next voyage. Will I be able to join her at the Plat gathering or will she need to go solo if she attends? Thx
  14. 18 until Vista with college kids which on is graduating Fri.
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