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  1. Daycare Provider

    What time do board the adventure?

    I just returned from the AOS.....we arrived at the port at 11:00 and was n board by 11:20...we were lucky because we had a jr suite and the suite line had no one in it. If you are Platinum or above there is a luggage drop off which creates a very short line as well. Enjoy lunch in the Windjammer. The rooms did not open up until 2:00 pm on the dot.
  2. Daycare Provider

    Train from Rome airport to cruise port area?

    Thank you everyone for sharing all of your opinions.... Due to a shoulder injury I am unable to help transport my luggage up and down stairs. The easiest mode of transportation is what I need.. Has anyone here ever booked their transfers directly through the cruise ship.? We plan to do a pre and post stay in Rome so we can take our time seeing all the sites that peak our interest. Thank you for your polite and positive answers.. Angela
  3. Daycare Provider

    What's the best way to get to Rome from port for the day?

    Thank you for sharing your experience.. we will be on the Jewel of the Seas next year starting in Rome Area. Your advice is very very helpful thank you ....enjoy the rest if your trip and have fun.
  4. Daycare Provider

    dining on the beach

    A really good Kiwanis friend of ours is taking us to West Deck near the port. I was told it is within walking distance. The website shows the cruise ship within site. The menu looks great.
  5. We will be in Aruba next month on the Adventure of the Seas. We are looking for THE beach spot that has, chairs, umbrellas and bar service on the beach. Once DH plants his butt that's it, no getting up for him. I will be in the water ALL day and won't want to go fetch bar service as I will be worshipping the sun GODS..Music playng for the crowds enjoyment would be awesome too. I know I know....I'm dreaming but hey isn't that what vacation is all about. I'm not interested in walking across a street to get a 2 for 1 special. A menu on my lounge chair is the type of service that we dream about. A taxi is the only mode of transportation for us as we don't care about saving $5.00 each way to take the city bus. The water, sand and rum will be calling our names. We stayd at the Playa Linda Resort for a week in Decemebr 2015 and asked if they did day passes, sadly NOT!...great location along Palm Beach. thank you for the help.
  6. Daycare Provider

    Carnival Conquest vs Freedom OTS

    I've been on the Conquest 2 times and will never go back. The lay out of the ship is HORRIBLE...on some decks you have to go up to go down because of bad design. The dining room is in the middle of the ship and the walk ways don't go through in a straight line like the FOS... To walk to other parts of the ship, you have to walk through the casino which is smokey do to bad ventilation. If you are a person that likes to shop while on board, the Conquest is not for you. Two shops, that's all...there is no promenade area... Compare the on board entertainment: FOS-rock climbing, flowrider, QUEST, mini golf,Solarium, sports deck, water slides. Conquest-IDK if it has waterslides now or not... Go with the FOS!!!!! Angela Ramsey
  7. Daycare Provider

    All Things Adventure of the Seas

    Robyn i'm so glad that you didn't jump ship. I'll definately post a reveiw and pictures upon our return.;)
  8. Daycare Provider

    All Things Adventure of the Seas

    :)Where is CK Robyn on this thread????? I haven't been able to find anything from her about the AOS. On our first trip several years ago Robyn had a fantastic thread titled all things Adventure. I read every post by her getting the pulse of the ship. Robyn if you see this THANK YOU...were are getting ready to set sail on the AOS for our third time May 20,2017. Your excitement for the Adventure had me excited for months prior to boarding. Angela Ramsey/California
  9. Daycare Provider

    All Things Adventure of the Seas

    We are getting ready to sail on the Adventure for our 3rd time and Love her....We can't wait to see all the new updates. 10:30 a.m. flight..NO WAY!!!! You have to realize there maybe other cruiseships disembarking the sametime we are. The last time we were there 3 other ships were in port disembarking. Go with an afternoon flight if possible. I wouldn't rent a car and drive to EL Yungue the day you are trying to fly home. Flip Flop you OSJ Day . Take a look around OSJ the day you fly home. There is a free trolley that you can jump on/off anytime. Several posters have talked about where you can store your luggage for the day while you explore OSJ. Post the question and some one will answer you. El Yungue...get up early and be at the park by 9:00 explore, hike, get wet return to the ship by 5:30 pm fir Muster Drill.. I hope this helps. We set sail May 20th,2017 Angela
  10. Daycare Provider

    Kukoo Kunuku Dinner and Nightlife Tour

    We did this tour during a land stay. Fantastic fun and good food..The last bar stop was right across the street from the cruiseship. I did see on Royals website for our May 2017 cruise..be ready for lots of laughs, music and fun..
  11. Daycare Provider

    Meet & Mingle Door Signs

    Printed for my upcoming cruise in May..
  12. Daycare Provider

    Chops on Adventure of the Seas

    Could you please post a reveiw when you return? We have reaervations for our May 20th sailing.. Thank You
  13. Daycare Provider

    Adventure of the seas Feb 11, 2017

    The bioluscent bay excursion. What company did you go with?
  14. Daycare Provider

    Did I miss something - Chops now $49 pp

    On Monday during the president's day sale, I was able to book Chops for $30 pp and Giovanni's for $25pp on my upcoming Adventure cruise in May
  15. Daycare Provider

    hotel in Puerto Rico

    Look at the Tres Palm Bed and breakfast, We are staying there precruise in May. directly across the street from Ocean Park Beach, with pool and other wonderful amentities for $115.00 for a queen size room.