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  1. My guess is that only cabins that were available for both weeks were displayed when you looked for cabins for the 14 day.
  2. I’ve sailed on both ships 2times. For Alaska go with the Coral. The Royal has limited outside viewing areas and Alaska is all about the scenery.
  3. vmom

    Shore Ezcursions

    Celebrity just had a 20% off sale on excursions. I've never seen something like that on Princess.
  4. I toured with Alla tours in both St. Petersburg and in Stockholm. Highly recommend them for both cities.
  5. vmom

    Coral Princess vs Royal Princess

    Been to Alaska 3 times and have traveled on both the Coral twice and the Royal twice. For Alaska, its Coral hands down. More and better viewing areas. You don't want the biggest for Alaska, you want a ship that has plenty of open viewing areas. I think its a huge mistake for Princess to have Royal doing the Alaska itinerary. There's just not enough open viewing area. No promenade deck. There is viewing on the top decks, but the top decks are so high up and with so many people on the ship the top decks will be crowded. It will be hard to move around to get different vantage points.
  6. vmom

    Something new in the MDR

    For my last 5 cruises, and likely before that, I have always been asked my cabin number in the dining room for dinner. And each time I was in ATD. I have also been asked to show my cruise card a few times at the beginning of the cruise but not so often toward the end. Also, when I have cruised Holland, each evening when we entered the dining room we were asked our cabin number and it was notated. So basically this is nothing new. Its more likely that you are just now noticing. They likely don't ask for cabin numbers in the TD since there is a seating chart that they can refer to with assigned seats that lists the cabin numbers.
  7. Since the new update it’s difficult to search specific forums for a specific topic or keywod. So often the topic has been discussed previously and rather than re-introduce the topic I would like to read what other people have said in the past. In the ports section, I used to regularly use key words to get information on excursions at a specific port. With the new search it forces me to search the entire boards rather than just searching in a specific area such as the princess forums or the St. Thomas forum, etc. i would love love to see the search function go back to how it was in the past with a search feature available specific to that forum.
  8. vmom

    Traveling solo

    I always cruised with my husband also. He passed away 6 years ago and I didn’t want to stop cruising and traveling. Now I cruise solo and also with friends. I love cruising solo and have had some great experiences meeting fellow cruisers at meals and through the meet and greets. For non-cruise travel I usually go with a tour company. It wont be the same as traveling with your husband but it’s still a great experience. You will be surprised at how many solo travelers there are.
  9. vmom

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Europeans tend to eat later in the evening so princess may keep the old dining times for the European itineraries. On the British Isles cruises there was a nice evenly distributed stream of people dining. I can understand why they felt they needed to make the change on the longer Caribbean cruises. Last two cruises I had involving the Caribbean the lines for ATD were long at 5-5:15. Older Americans like to eat early. People were lining up in front of the dining room doors at 4:45. The dining room was pretty empty at 8:00. I think Princess had to make some sort of change in dining times for the longer Caribbean cruises and Panama Canal cruises. They will likely tweek the times as they see how this works. I am happy that Princess is trying to come up with a solution to the excessive demand for early dining on the Caribbean cruises.
  10. vmom

    exchanging mini bar for coffee card

    Thank you. I had forgotten all about the nonalcoholic beverages that also came with the minibar. I stand corrected.
  11. vmom

    exchanging mini bar for coffee card

    Its not a 1 to 1 exchange for water. I exchanged my mini bar twice for sparkling water and each time I got 20 bottles of Perrier.
  12. vmom

    New dining times on Princess

    I think Princess had to make some sort of changes in dining times for longer Caribbean cruises (not the European or other cruises). I was on the 15 day Panama canal cruise in Dec and the 10 day Caribbean cruise in Feb and the lines to get into the dining room between 5 and 5:30 were unbelievable. People were lining up at 4:45. By 5:15 the lines were way out into the atrium area often close to the IC. I found the long lines to be very frustrating. My theory is that the longer Caribbean cruises tend to have more retired older cruisers who like to eat early, go to the show early and then go to their cabins. I didn't find this to be an issue on the British Isles cruise or other European cruises. A lot of Europeans often eat later anyway so there was more of a consistent stream of people throughout the evening for dinner.
  13. vmom

    Passport for Roatan?

    No, passports are not needed for Roatan. That said, it’s always better to travel with a passport in case of emergency even on a closed loop cruise.
  14. vmom

    Hotel to Port Southhampton

    We used a taxi earlier this month. There are several ship docks as previously stated. Our boarding information stated which dock out ship was at.
  15. We used Smith's earlier this month (August) and they were great!