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  1. Thanks, that thread has just about every price list on the ship. Lots to mull over.
  2. In past cruises we’ve always purchased the refreshment package for $18 pp per day. I did the math once and it worked. We have a cruise booked for next year on Symphony and I haven’t seen the refreshment package yet below $30. At that price the math probably doesn’t work, but I’d like to run it again. Problem is, I can’t find any prices to compare. Does anyone have or know the current prices for bottled seltzer water, fresh oj, and specialty coffee (double espresso) ?
  3. They didn’t give us the option of reserving a specific time. I asked for an early morning on the day we visited Dawes Glacier but didn’t get it. Both reservations were for sea days.
  4. This. We had a suite on Ovation in Alaska. The week prior to sailing the concierge will contact you. That’s the ideal time to ask for reservations for iFly and NorthStar. iFly was fully booked on the first day and NorthStar was unavailable for 3 days during our cruise, so many frustrated passengers. And yes, the suite is addictive.
  5. A little reverse class envy to stir the discussion juices at cruise critic? Nothing wrong with gettng a perk and cutting to the front of the line, but no need to whine about it afterwards. Now, thinking you’re being targeted in bumper cars because others aren’t following your personal rules and are actually bumping your car? Sorry, the perk entitlement stops once you get in the car, for the next 3 minutes you’re just like everyone else. Life is full of challenges.
  6. We were on this route June 14-21. Compared with Caribbean cruises we’ve talken there was considerably more ship rocking. It was especially noticeable in the ends of the ship and was present the entire time. The captain made an announcement on day 6 commenting on the movement, mentioning “strong currents” and indicating the ship stabilizers were “doing their job” and minimizing “80% of the movement”.
  7. Some of those activities can be reserved using the cruise planner and may be fully booked by the start of the cruise.
  8. That depends on how you define “make it”. We sailed Endicott Arm, approached Dawes Glacier, stopped the ship, did a slow 360 degree turn, then returned over the same route. We were probably 1/2 mile from the glacier. It wasn’t “up close and personal”, but it could also be seen clearly without binoculars. My recollection of times, which may be off as I don’t use a watch (and abuela says I’m getting old and senile) On our cruise we started the fjord around 7:30 am, somewhere around 9:30 we reached the glacier, spent 1/2 hour there, then another couple of hours back out. Very slow and easy. When we were at the glacier I saw the Northstar in use, later I heard they charged extra for those views. Edit to add - I’m attaching a photo (iPhone) of Dawes glacier. It’s not that good, but it gives an idea of how close we were.
  9. Just one additional comment about rain and wind. A few people brought poncho type rain jackets, the pullover type that slips on over the head with no real fastener. They did not work well onboard or in the wind, people needed both hands to keep from ballooning. A jacket with zipper worked much better.
  10. They left a flyer in our cabin toward the end of the cruise (6th night?) inviting us to go to Solarium Bistro for dinner the final night, saying it was “complementary with a few menu items with separate charge”.
  11. Weather was unbelievable. While we were cruising it was windy, overcast and rainy. Generally crappy. When we pulled into Skagway it was raining. In every case, as soon as we started prepping for our excursions, the sun came out and it was very pleasant. So, when we needed good weather it was there. We were prepared for cold and wet. It was frequently wet, but more windy than cold. My very light nylon wind and rain jacket did more than the flannel shirts.
  12. In our experience only time they didn’t ask to see the second card was for bottled still water. For bottles of seltzer they always asked for both cards and usually swiped one.
  13. We just spend a week on Ovation and ate CK for breakfast and dinner. Our menu had at least one dish not on the menu shown earlier in the thread - a chorizo flatbread with egg on top. They made a mushroom & spinach flatbread with egg for me as well, and DW pretty much ordered what she wanted without looking at the menu. As John&LaLa pointed out, they are flexible and neve said no to anything DW wanted. The CK lunch menu had two versions, alternating.
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