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  1. We are supposed to be there on the 4th. I hope there won’t be two ships then.
  2. We had a star class suite on our last cruise. We could not book an excursion that was already fully booked, so doubt it.
  3. Yes, we leave next week and I thought of that. However, our sailing is the sold out New Year’s eve sailing. Why would they chose to reduce the inventory this week when they could move it after the super busy holiday sailings? The island isn’t even expected to open until the end of January, right?
  4. I replied to the original email they sent me. I told them that there are documented pictures of the number of beach beds on CocoCay, and that I would be very upset if I don’t see a “reduced inventory” when I get there.
  5. No, the bed is still showing sold out. I checked through our reservation planner and another member of our travel party who didn’t originally book. It’s frustrating because I booked the bed several months ago. Now several of the other options are sold out.
  6. Myself and another family in my travel party ordered beach beds at CocoCay about a month apart from each other. Yesterday, we got an email saying both beach beds had been cancelled due to reduced inventory. Anyone know what’s going on with the beach beds? I can see how if they lost a bed for some reason, the last person booked would get canceled, but both were cancelled, and the other was booked a full month before the other. Did this happen to anyone else?
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