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  1. Oh man. Congrats! I'm in a similar situation as you. Booked a sail-away balcony, noticed the price drop and managed to get a free upgrade to a mid-ship mini suite. I bid $100/pp for a spa mini suite. Hopefully, I get some luck with that as well!
  2. A free upgrade from balcony to mini suite.
  3. I called on Saturday at 12:45 EST and I managed to speak to a rep within a couple of minutes. I asked about possibly getting OBC or a free upgrade since the price to my cabin category dropped. The rep put me on hold for 10 minutes to speak to her supervisor on what they can offer. Total call time was 20 minutes. It's worth mentioning that the rep said they were experiencing high volumes of call and the wait could be up to 30 minutes. I guess I got lucky.
  4. Like everyone mentioned, it can be anytime from now up until a couple of days before your departure date. In my recent experience, I booked a cruise for October 2019 in the end of June and got a cabin assignment a month later.
  5. Yeah. I submitted a bid for $100/pp, so if I get it great, if not, oh wells.
  6. $200 for the week. I don't see an option to get it for one day on their site.
  7. Wow! I placed a bid for $100/pp. Hope I get lucky like you!
  8. Hey all, Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever bid in the poor range for a Spa Balcony room and gotten the upgrade? The minimum bid is $75/pp for me since I'm planning to upgrade from a balcony room.
  9. Hi, Not sure if this would help, but I got assigned a mid ship balcony cabin just last week for my Bermuda cruise this coming October. My stateroom is somewhat close to the elevators and stairs. I've posted on the forum about possible noise issues, but everyone that responded said that they had no issues.
  10. Thank you everyone for your feedback!
  11. I got assigned a mid-ship balcony room today! For those that were in that balcony category before, how was it? Were there any noise issues? My room is somewhat close to the stairs and elevators.
  12. Thank you, all for the replies and tips! I plan on holding out for a few more months if anything. Definitely checking the price daily!
  13. Hi all! First time posting here. I just wanted to know if anyone here has ever booked a Fall Bermuda cruise around 90 days out or experienced a price drop during that time. Specifically, I'm looking to book the 10/6 Bermuda Escape cruise, departing out of NYC. Any additional info. or tips will be appreciated as well! Thank you!
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