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  1. I understand that much. I would rather a better percentage go to those who specifically take care of me than it spread around to some who honestly had minute barring on my experience. There is a reason cruises cost a lot, you are paying for a whole experience, that SHOULD be included in the total cost. Let’s be honest. The culture is how it is on cruise ships so that companies can underpay even more and expect travelers to pick up the slack. A lot of other countries don’t share this tipping culture like America does. Those who travel to countries like those in Europe, and Japan, would know this. Where tips are only nice but not really expected.
  2. Thank you for the replies. I’m not intending to not tip anyone but my cabin attendant and main servers. I was just trying to see if I was able to make sure they get more piece of the pie I am contributing. It is true tipping cultures vary. Through my extensive international travels I’ve learned America is a far bigger tipping culture. It frustrates me that big companies like cruise lines pay their workers so poor that cruisers are expected to pick up the tabs for these wonderful workers. I used to work in the aviation industry. Everyday there are tons of people who work behind the scenes (and some in front) who get paid poor and get nothing in way of tips. Case and point a luggage handler who loads your plane. A check in agent who takes care of your reservation during irregular ops. It’s never expected nor norm to tip these ppl in these travel services. So I guess I don’t get why it is so common place for it to be drastically different for a cruise line. I just don’t feel compared to normal hotels or restaurants in America it is like this. Tips are not at all spread around like that. I’m sure those are words that offend some, but it’s true.
  3. I have surmised that it’s $14.95 a day per person for gratuity. So my girlfriend and I are looking at about $200 for the week. A few questions though. If you purchase things like alcohol on your own, Starbucks, etc do they add on more gratuity than the standard one above? I’m not trying to be insensitive or an arse, but I don’t feel $200 tips for a week is commensurate with our travels. We only eat with service for dinner. We do not really drink. I personally feel the tips should be given to the few people who directly take care of us like in real world dining etc. I read you can opt out of automatic gratuities. My question is can I lower the amount for automatic by a good amount. And then I would individually tip my server and cabin attendant? I don’t want to opt out of automatic all together but I feel more of my tips should go to the people who directly are serving me for the week. Is this do able? Thank you in advance!
  4. My girlfriend and I are toying around with the idea of internet, but honestly I am not sure. Thing is, I am a person who always goes to bed with something on. I also want something to watch on those later nights in the room. How is the TV? Is it one of those things were you will likely encounter it losing signal a lot, or is it pretty reasonable? Is their good availability of different channels? I was considering internet for Netflix but if the TV is decent I might reconsider. First Time cruiser. Thank you!
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