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  1. We are frequent RC cruisers. We noticed the food was really going downhill and it was quite disappointing. On our last cruise on the Harmony we noticed a tremendous improvement. I met two men from the culinary department and told them how much better it was. Turns out they have a new director for culinary and he seems to be making tremendous improvements. So glad RC listened to feedback
  2. The cruise line definitely aims to please and listens to honest feedback, which ever side you take.
  3. It is usually funny. In the beginning they do have a recording saying it is adult and if you are easily offended go to the infirmary and have the stick removed... this is generally funny, but if you do decide to leave not so much. If they said if you wish to leave sneak out the side door it would be easier. Also some comedians get offended if you don’t find them funny.
  4. Royal listens. For a while the food was going downhill. This cruise in April on the harmony was a complete turn around. The food, presentation and service were tremendously improved. It’s hard to say how many wish the comedy was funnier and less raunchy compared to how many like it the way it is. They really do care. I think I just shouldn’t go anymore but if I do and I don’t like it I think I’ll leave and it would be great if anyone else offended would leave as well. I don’t know why some suggested comedy was supposed to make you uncomfortable, I thought it was supposed to be funny and make you laugh.
  5. I agree. Years ago in a royal cruise out if Puerto Rico we saw “two funny guys”. It was in the main auditorium and our kids were with us. It was hysterical and we still laugh thinking about it. Glad to see I’m not the only one that wishes it were better.
  6. One more comment, sex is not disgusting. His portrayal was.
  7. Ok, thanks for the feedback. I guess I just shouldn’t go💁💁
  8. I didn’t leave. Have you seen how they react to people who leave if just to go to the restroom? I should have.
  9. I agree, but so many times it is really funny and not crude. This was the worst, which is why I wrote. I guess I’ll just cross this off my list of things to do especially with my adult children. I was just curious if others thought some minor guidelines would be nice. It’s such a diverse audience.
  10. The comedy club is certainly hit or miss. I understand it is adult, that being said our most recent sailing was disgusting. The comedian focused primarily on his need for oral sex, he even simulated a person unwilling performing oral sex. Am I the only one who doesn't think this is funny? I wish there were some parameters so scheduling this with family and friends isn't a big gamble in taste level.
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