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  1. Hi We stopped at a few Caribbean ports on our cruise They were very memorable The Amazon ports were interesting (especially the culture and history), very very hot, and best with a tour, IMO The stops where children beg and show off sloths I can’t unsee I’m very glad we did this cruise, but probably won’t do an Amazon cruise again It was nice to return to a beautiful ship, new friends, great food, and friendly, helpful staff Gina
  2. Hi, is princess offering land tours or are these tours on your own? Gina
  3. Hi I use my cruise credit card only for on board purchases Maybe every year or two, I am able to get some OBC credit, and I have the prior statements to see what we paid on board for budget planning Ginabab
  4. Philippines at least 2-3 ports, Borneo , Rwanda, Peru-Nasca lines
  5. For one of the most amazing experiences of your life take an expedition ship It will be expensive, but it will be so awesome I could name and identify 9 species of penguins during our cruise
  6. Hi This happened to us once We had to get an exec on the phone to get it fixed Very stressful (note: not this cruise line) I hope you find an easier path G
  7. I wondered if it was fake too So much going on at these companies now makes we wonder what about makes a Medallion update high priority April 1
  8. Hi I think we will know more Monday I would say maybe & depends ☘️
  9. Hi, I would book a future cruise and watch for price drops I think it will all work out
  10. Hi, I would take them all They do sell out and are awesome, and the chefs we had matched the food to drinks from the country
  11. Hi Boston has some great museums- Gardner, Museum of Art We liked our Lexington/Concord tour and the history of the “shot heard ‘round the world “ + Please let us know what you end up picking
  12. This is a good question Larger O ships have more included specialty restaurants, an area for cooking classes and an art studio The smaller ships can dock closer in many ports Both are very nice I would take either class
  13. I was overcharged for a haircut on the Sky, and had to go the spa desk to get a refund
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