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  1. Hi I think you will like Sirena You will miss some things Crystal offers like the really outstanding and experienced service in some areas, but the difference between the two lines IMO is not a show stopper Enjoy
  2. I too like to read the print version
  3. Got one brochure this week in a plastic envelope that is not recyclable !
  4. Access to the spa is great And, nibbles in the lounge work, if you missed lunch and came back late
  5. The walk up the hill to the hotel from Union Square is slow and tough, but possible You will learn why SF has cable cars, and could purchase a day pass A room with a view here is too die for History: From the top floor you can watch ships leave the SF Bay for the Ocean It’s a moving experience when you think of the WWII brides and families who stood there watching their loved ones leave for the Pacific Parking costs is high- $60/ night last time we stayed
  6. And, add some time for customs, if applicable
  7. Marseille has a beautiful beach along the waterfront in the city Sorry, don’t know the name The beach at Cassis is also wonderful, if your time in port allows you to get there and back
  8. Really liked the itinerary Can’t wait to go back Japan ports were awesome
  9. Thanks, Richard You focused on many of the wonderful thinks about cruising 🤗
  10. I bring a hoodie or puffer jacket, sweater, hat or band that covers my ears , a scarf , sun hat and umbrella
  11. Hi Great she is going The trip will make a nice memory for all I’d consider a scooter Pushing the wheelchair can get very hard
  12. Good review I really like the croissants
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